Emergency and After-Hours Maintenance Requests

During business hours, contact the facility manager. If you need help outside of business hours, call (608) 263-0792. The building manager on call will answer or get back to you shortly.

This is the page to request service if you are having issues with lights, HVAC, damage to the facility, or any other issues that require maintenance. If you need to request new space, a change of use for your current space, a renovation, or need a refresh of your current space, please submit a space request ticket on the Space Management Webpage.

SMPH Facility Managers

Dave Downing

Position title: WIMR Project and Building Manager


Phone: Office: 608-261-1032; cell: 608-516-3070

WIMR loading dock, 1450

Doug Pollard

Position title: Building Manager: HSLC and MFCB


Phone: Office: 608-265-0858; cell: 608-235-1024

HSLC 1373, MFCB 1103A

Mike Sauk

Position title: MSC Building Manager, Mailroom, Loading Dock


Phone: Office: 608-262-8963; cell: 608-220-7384

MSC B68a

Brian Ringelstetter

Position title: WisPIC/HERI Building Manager


Phone: Office: 608-265-5346; cell: 608-516-2975

WisPIC 1636A

Campus facility maintenance is provided by the UW Facility Planning and Maintenance Physical Plant. Requests for maintenance work can also be accomplished by following the Facility Work Order information for nonemergency problems.

Other service providers for various leased facilities should see their operations or facility manager for details.