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Department/center/institute name Type Chair/director Administrator Phone
Anesthesiology Clinical science Kelly McQueen, MD, MPH Will Katz 608-263-0208
Dermatology Clinical science Beth Drolet, MD Nandita Nanchal 608-287-2620
Emergency Medicine Clinical science Manish Shah, MD, MPH Katy Oksuita 608-890-6341
Family Medicine and Community Health Clinical science David Rakel, MD Jerome Garrett 608-263-4550
Human Oncology Clinical science Zachary Morris, MD, PhD Karen Steiner 608-263-5009
Medicine Clinical science Lynn Schnapp, MD Sheri Lawrence 608-263-1792
Neurological Surgery Clinical science Robert Dempsey, MD Niki Virnig 608-265-5967
Neurology Clinical science Kathleen Shannon, MD Jennifer Becker 608-263-5448
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical science Ellen Hartenbach, MD Kara Mulligan 608-417-4213
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Clinical science Terri Young, MD, MBA Linda Callow 608-263-9797
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Clinical science Tammy Scerpella, MD Nathan Wait 608-263-3178
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical science Erik Ranheim, MD, PhD Rachel Kulow 608-265-4262
Pediatrics Clinical science Megan Moreno, MD, MSEd, MPH (interim) Julene Gaspard 608-262-5501
Psychiatry Clinical science Ned H. Kalin, MD Pratik Prajapati 608-262-7626
Radiology Clinical science Scott B, Reeder, MD, PhD Camille Endres 608-265-8231
Surgery Clinical science Rebecca Minter, MD Nicole Jennings 608-265-8854
Urology Clinical science Stephen Y. Nakada, MD Stephen Hall 608-263-1359
Biomolecular Chemistry Basic science Patricia Kiley, PhD Arvette White, MBA 608-262-1347
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Basic science Michael Newton, PhD Susan Carlson 608-263-1706
Cell and Regenerative Biology Basic science Deneen Wellik, PhD Michael Ferree 608-265-3295
Medical Genetics Basic science Francisco Pelegri, PhD Anne Anderson 608-262-3112
Medical History and Bioethics Basic science Richard Keller, PhD Nicole Senter 608-263-3414
Medical Microbiology and Immunology Basic science Vanessa Sperandio, PhD John Lawler 608-263-5991
Medical Physics Basic science Brian Pogue, PhD Kristina Weaver 608-265-6116
Neuroscience Basic science Elizabeth Quinlan, PhD Rebecca Welch 608-262-2938
Oncology Basic science Paul Lambert, PhD Randy Martinson 608-262-2821
Population Health Sciences Basic science Maureen Durkin, PhD, DRPH Shaun Hernandez 608-265-0516
Area Health Education Center Centers and institutes Elizabeth Bush, MS, MA 608-262-7237
Carbone Cancer Center Centers and institutes Howard Bailey, MD Peter Connor 608-890-3563
Cardiovascular Research Center Centers and institutes Héctor H. Valdivia, MD, PhD Eric Schafer 608-263-2266
Center for Biomedical Swine Research and Innovation Centers and institutes Dixon Kaufman, MD, PhD, FACS and Dhanansayan (Dhanu) Shanmuganayagam, PhD Jenn Carson, MS 608-264-4112
Center for Healthcare Safety and Applied Research in Antimicrobial Resistance Centers and institutes Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD Shelly Zimbric 608-265-8799
Center for Health Disparities Research Centers and institutes Amy Kind, MD, PhD Andrea Luke, MBA 608-262-2404
Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine Centers and institutes Muhammed Murtaza, MBBS, PhD Jackie McHugh, MS 608-263-7866
Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention Centers and institutes Tim Baker, PhD, Acting Director Brooke Anderson, DNP, RN 608-265-4563
Center for Training in Pharmacology and Drug Development Centers and institutes Jon Audhya, PhD Kristin Cooper, MS 608-262-9826
Center for Urban Population Health Centers and institutes David Frazer, MPH 414-219-5100
Cystic Fibrosis Center Centers and institutes Hara Levy, MD, MMSc and Christina Barreda, MD 608-263-8558
George M. O’Brien Center for Benign Urology Research Centers and institutes William Ricke, PhD Lori Uttech-Hanson 608-263-7294
Global Health Institute Centers and institutes Jorge Osorio, DVM, PhD, MS Valerie Peterson 608-265-9299
HealthEmotions Research Institute Centers and institutes Ned H. Kalin, MD Pratik Prajapati, MHA 608-263-0491
Institute for Clinical and Translational Research Centers and institutes Allan Brasier, MD Kim Linsenmayer, MPA 608-263-1018
Institute on Aging Centers and institutes Carol Ryff, PhD Theresa Berrie, Jennifer Sterk 608-262-1818
McPherson Eye Research Institute Centers and institutes David Gamm, MD, PhD Jonathan Lang, PhD 608-262-7128
Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center Centers and institutes Chad Vezina, PhD Ezra Mauk, MS 608-263-4580
Morris Institute for Respiratory Research Centers and institutes Nizar Jarjour, MD Jae Werndli, MS 608-263-4960
Native American Center for Health Professions Centers and institutes Danielle Yancey, MS Melissa Metoxen, MS 608-262-7218
Population Health Institute Centers and institutes Sheri Johnson, PhD 608-263-6294
Prevention Research Center Centers and institutes Jill Denson, PhD 608-265-9474
Program for Advanced Cell Therapy Centers and institutes Jacques Galipeau, MD Crystal Weinberger 608-263-0078
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center Centers and institutes Tim Kamp, MD, PhD, and Randolph Ashton, PhD Hollie Thompson, MS 608-263-2982
UW–Madison Comprehensive Diabetes Center Centers and institutes Dawn Davis, MD, PhD Jenelle Gierhart-Sutter, MBA
Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Centers and institutes Sanjay Asthana, MD Nicole Smialek, MBA 608-265-0407
Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute Centers and institutes Cynthia Carlsson, MD Sarah Klein 608-263-9949
Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness Centers and institutes Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD Stephanie Jones, PhD 608-263-3447
Institute for Diversity Science Centers and institutes Markus Brauer, PhD (executive director), Angela Byars-Winston, PhD (chair)
Osher Center for Integrative Health at University of Wisconsin–Madison Centers and institutes Greta Kuphal, MD Donna Cole 608-262-5789
University of Wisconsin Clinical Trials Institute Centers and institutes Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD and Betsy Nugent, MSPH, CCRP
UW Health Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center Centers and institutes Inna Lobeck, MD