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Department/center/institute name Type Chair/director Administrator Phone
Anesthesiology Clinical science Kelly McQueen, MD, MPH Will Katz 608-263-0208
Dermatology Clinical science Beth Drolet, MD Nandita Nanchal 608-287-2620
Emergency Medicine Clinical science Azita Hamedani, MD, MPH Katy Oksuita 608-890-6341
Family Medicine and Community Health Clinical science David Rakel, MD Jerome Garrett 608-263-4550
Human Oncology Clinical science Paul Harari, MD Karen Steiner 608-263-5009
Medicine Clinical science Lynn Schnapp, MD Sheri Lawrence 608-263-1792
Neurological Surgery Clinical science Robert Dempsey, MD Greg Zalesak 608-265-5967
Neurology Clinical science Kathleen Shannon, MD Greg Zalesak 608-263-5448
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical science Laurel Rice, MD Jennifer Stevens 608-417-4213
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Clinical science Terri Young, MD, MBA Linda Callow 608-263-9797
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Clinical science Thomas Zdeblick, MD Kim Beld 608-263-3178
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical science Andreas Friedl, MD Rachel Kulow 608-265-4262
Pediatrics Clinical science Ellen R. Wald, MD Julene Gaspard 608-262-5501
Psychiatry Clinical science Ned H. Kalin, MD Pratik Prajapati 608-262-7626
Radiology Clinical science Thomas M. Grist, MD Camille Endres 608-265-8231
Surgery Clinical science Rebecca Minter, MD Nicole Jennings 608-265-8854
Urology Clinical science Stephen Y. Nakada, MD Stephen Hall 608-263-1359
Biomolecular Chemistry Basic science Patricia Kiley, PhD 608-262-1347
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Basic science Michael Newton, PhD Susan Carlson 608-263-1706
Cell and Regenerative Biology Basic science Deneen Wellik, PhD Michael Ferree 608-265-3295
Medical Genetics Basic science Francisco Pelegri, PhD Anne Anderson 608-262-3112
Medical History and Bioethics Basic science Susan E. Lederer, PhD Jean von Allmen 608-263-3414
Medical Microbiology and Immunology Basic science Joseph (Joe) Dillard, PhD (interim) John Lawler 608-263-5991
Medical Physics Basic science Tim Hall, PhD (interim) Kristina Weaver 608-265-6116
Neuroscience Basic science Erik Dent, PhD (interim) Rebecca Welch 608-262-2938
Oncology Basic science Paul Lambert, PhD Randy Martinson 608-262-2821
Population Health Sciences Basic science Maureen Durkin, PhD, DRPH Deanna Moore 608-265-0516
Area Health Education Center Centers and institutes Elizabeth Bush 608-262-7237
Carbone Cancer Center Centers and institutes Howard Bailey, MD Peter Connor 608-890-3563
Cardiovascular Research Center Centers and institutes Héctor H. Valdivia, MD, PhD Majiedah Pasha, MBA 608-263-2266
Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine Centers and institutes M. Stephen Meyn, MD PhD Jackie McHugh, MS 608-263-7866
Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention Centers and institutes Michael C. Fiore, MPH, MD Amy Conlon 608-265-4563
Center for Training in Pharmacology and Drug Development Centers and institutes Jon Audhya, PhD Kristin Cooper 608-262-9826
Center for Urban Population Health Centers and institutes Kristen Malecki, PhD, MPH David Frazer, MPH 414-219-5100
Center for Women's Health Research Centers and institutes Molly Carnes, MD, MS Vicki Leatherberry 608-265-2372
Collaborative Center for Health Equity Centers and institutes Dorothy Farrar-Edwards, PhD Sarah Esmond 608-263-6982
Cystic Fibrosis Center Centers and institutes Michael J. Rock, MD
George M. O’Brien Center for Benign Urology Research Centers and institutes William Ricke, PhD Rachel Irving, CVT 608-265-3278
Global Health Institute Centers and institutes Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH Monet Hutchins 608-265-9299
HealthEmotions Research Institute Centers and institutes Ned H. Kalin, MD Pratik Prajapati 608-263-0491
Institute for Clinical and Translational Research Centers and institutes Allan Brasier, MD Kim Linsenmayer, MPA 608-263-1018
Institute on Aging Centers and institutes Carol Ryff, PhD Allison Zenke 608-262-1818
McPherson Eye Research Institute Centers and institutes David Gamm, MD, PhD Chris Lacey 608-265-4023
Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center Centers and institutes Chad Vezina, PhD Mark Marohl 608-263-4580
Morris Institute for Respiratory Research Centers and institutes Nizar Jarjour, MD Jae Werndli 608-263-4960
Native American Center for Health Professions Centers and institutes Danielle Yancey Melissa Metoxen 608-262-7218
Population Health Institute Centers and institutes Sheri Johnson, PhD Deanna Moore 608-263-6294
Prevention Research Center Centers and institutes Deborah Ehrenthal, MD, MPH Tess Jewell 608-265-9474
Program for Advanced Cell Therapy Centers and institutes Jacques Galipeau, MD Crystal Weinberger 608-263-0078
Skin Disease Research Center Centers and institutes Gary Wood, MD Heather Neils 608-263-9366
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center Centers and institutes Tim Kamp, MD, PhD, and Randolph Ashton, PhD Hollie Thompson 608-263-2982
UW-Madison Comprehensive Diabetes Center Centers and institutes Dawn Davis, MD, PhD Jenelle Gierhart-Sutter
Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Centers and institutes Sanjay Asthana, MD Hanna Blazel 608-265-3015
Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute Centers and institutes Cynthia Carlsson, MD Sarah Klein 608-263-9949
Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness Centers and institutes Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD Stephanie Jones 608-263-3447