Active Learning Center
The HSLC improvements include a new Active Learning Center.

The Facilities Group is overseeing the Health Sciences Learning Center enhancements project, which includes renovations and improvements to about 365,000 square feet of space.

The improvements are divided into two projects. The first phase includes remodeling classroom and teaching space. This phase of the project will be completed by the time the Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation reviewers arrive for their site visit in April 2018.

The second phase, expected to take place between May and August 2018, comprises reworking the office space and staff conference areas throughout the building.

The enhancements include:

  • 3,000-square-foot remodel of second-floor office suites that will be turned into quiet study space
  • Redesigned student houses (known as The Neighborhood) with new amenities
  • New reconfigurable Active Learning Center on the third floor
  • New Clinical Teaching and Assessment Classroom (CTAC) on the third floor
  • New office space in the old CTAC on the first floor, which will include the new home for the Native American Center for Health Professions and multicultural affairs office
  • Improved security measures throughout the building
  • Access to the third floor from the main elevator and stairwell
  • Third-floor kitchenette and lounge with catering capabilities near the Active Learning Center
  • Upgrade of audio-visual equipment around the building
  • Adding carpet to the atrium for better acoustics
  • New furniture in the silent study space