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Find key information such as email addresses, phone numbers and office locations for Facilities Group staff members.

The Facilities Group is led by Mark Wells, the Assistant Dean for Facilities. He can be reached at, 608-262-7437.

If you need help outside of business hours, call 608-263-0792. The building manager on call will answer or get back to you shortly.

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Dave Downing

WIMR Project and Building Manager

Office: 608-261-1032; cell: 608-516-3070

WIMR loading dock, 1450

Jess Hisel

Building Operations Manager

Office: 608-265-3554; cell: 608-279-2677

HSLC 1365

Craig Kramer

Director of Space Management

Office: 608-265-8111; cell: 608-225-5082

HSLC 1365

Gretchen Olson

Administrative Specialist


HSLC 1365

Kristine Peterson

Facilities Planning Specialist

Office: 608-262-2429; cell: 608-513-2291

HSLC 1365

Doug Pollard

Building Manager: HSLC and MFCB

Office: 608-265-0858; cell: 608-235-1024

HSLC 1373, MFCB 1103A

Brian Ringelstetter

WisPIC/HERI Building Manager

Office: 608-265-5346; cell: 608-516-2975

WisPIC 1636A

Mike Sauk

MSC Building Manager, Mailroom, Loading Dock

Office: 608-262-8963; cell: 608-220-7384

MSC B68a

Randi Smith

Facilities Architect

Office: 608-262-1100; cell: 608-280-1202

HSLC 1365

Mark Wells

Assistant Dean for Facilities

Office: 608-262-7437; cell: 608-333-7444

HSLC 1365

Additional contacts

  • After-hours service: 608-263-0792
  • Fax: HSLC 1365, 608-262-0888
  • MFCB mailroom: MFCB 1116B, 608-265-9951
  • WIMR mailroom: WIMR 1440, 608-261-1032