medRISE (Research Investigator Support and Education)

Elevate your proposals, accelerate your research, and achieve your grant application goals

The medRISE Team understands the challenges you face when seeking funding to further your research ambitions. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive proposal development support, alleviating the burdens on both Principal Investigators (PIs), collaborators, and administrators throughout the grant application journey. By partnering with us, you can focus on what you do best – groundbreaking research – while we handle the administrative complexities of proposal development. Contact the medRISE Team today to elevate your proposals, accelerate your research, and achieve your grant application goals.

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Services Provided

The medRISE team provides the following services:

  1. Budget Development: We’ll assist in creating realistic budgets, aligning with your financial plan with your research goals.
  2. Compliance Assistance: Stay on top of complex regulations and guidelines with our compliance experts, minimizing risks of proposal rejection.
  3. Project Management: We create comprehensive proposal checklists for you and your collaborators and keep everyone on track, ensuring timely submission of your grant applications.
  4. Resource and Template Library: The team has gathered numerous resources, guides, and templates to help facilitate creation of relevant components in your own applications.
  5. Review and Editing: Our meticulous proofreaders and editors ensure your proposals are error-free and polished.
  6. Proposal Compilation: We gather all proposal materials from participating groups and manage uploading, approvals, and routing in electronic systems.

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Proposal Types and Fee Structure

medRISE provides full administrative support for the following proposal types:

  • Large-Scale, Multi-Investigator Proposals such as Program Project, Center, Institutional Training, and other capacity-building opportunities.
        • Large-Scale Proposal Fee is assessed at 30% of the indirect cost return in Year 1 allocated to the basic science or clinical administrative department(s). The fee is only assessed if the proposal is successfully funded.
      Year 1 Direct Cost $250,000
      Year 1 Indirect Cost (55.5% IDC) $138,750
      Year 1 Indirect Cost Retained by Campus (~80%) $111,000
      Year 1 Indirect Cost Returned to SMPH (~20%)* $27,750
      Year 1 Indirect Cost Allocated to Department (50%) $13,875
      Year 1 medRISE Fee (30% of Department Allocation) $4,162

      *SMPH Policy: 50% ($13,875) is retained by SMPH Dean’s Office and remaining 50% is allocated to department(s)

  • Investigator Initiated Proposals such as R21s, R01s, or equivalent that may or may not include Multi-PI, Co-Investigator(s), and/or subrecipients.
    • A fee of $100 per hour is assessed for support of investigator-initiated proposals.


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Grants Library Repository (GLR)

The medRISE Grants Library Repository (GLR) is a collection of successfully funded proposals of various types and sponsors. Access to the GLR is available to UW-Madison faculty, investigators, and designated staff with a NetID. To request access, please click below:

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