Request a Web Update

Use this process and form to request changes to, and the NACHP, WMAA and WPP websites.

If your web request is for a department site, you may be looking for the WiscWeb content update form.

If you are requesting updates to multiple pages at once, you do not need to fill the form out multiple times – submit one form and include all URLs and updates in one Word document.

Prepare Your Request Document

Create one Word document that includes:

  1. Add URL(s) of each page that needs updating.
  2. Copy text from the section requiring changes — with enough text around the change so it can be easily located. No need to copy all the text on the page, unless there are many changes throughout the page.
  3. Highlight changes: RED=delete, GREEN=add, YELLOW=note to web editors. If the majority of a content section has changed, mark the entire old section red and the entire new section green.
  4. Upload Word document and supporting files to a shared UW Box folder or through the request form. On Box, share with “people with the link” (rather than “invited people only”). Copy and paste the link into the request form.

Example Request – Word Document

Example Web Request

Requests will be reviewed twice a week by the Office of Strategic Communications (OSC). More involved requests such as building out new content sections will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine optimal timing.

Please allow a minimum of three business days for a response to your request.