Sonicu Freezer Alarm System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What does a Sonicu device measure?

A Sonicu Duo Module is able to measure a multitude of parameters. The most common is temperature from -200C to 100C. They can also monitor humidity, sound, digital inputs, and many others. See the Sonicu website for further information if needed.

How much does a Sonicu Freezer Alarm System cost?

The SMPH program operates out of a 136 fund and charges $980 per device. This is a 1-time charge for SMPH departments and covers all programming and installation.

If outside SMPH departments would like to participate, this is allowed but they would be responsible for the monthly charge of $5 per device.

Who do I contact to get this installed?

Contact any of the Administrators of the system and they will help get it installed for you. Their contact information is at the bottom of this webpage.

Do I need to calibrate my Sonicu probe?

No. All probes are certified at the factory and carry a 2-year certificate. This certificate can be downloaded from the Settings page of your freezer.

The probes can be sent back in for calibration, although it is much simpler to buy a new probe for around $200. Ask an administrator for an up to date price.

Does SMPH have any backup freezers?

SMPH has a few backup freezers to store your items in. Contact an Administrator to set you up on the program for one if you are using and when you take your items out.

The freezers are located at the following locations:

  • WIMR 6th floor Tower 1
  • WIMR 2nd floor of the West Wedge
  • WIMR 9th floor Tower 2
  • WIMR 2030 Freezer Farm (Only for those in the freezer farm)
  • WisPIC 1000 Hallway
  • MSC 3330 Freezer Room
  • MSC 3330 Freezer Room

What should I do when my freezer breaks down?

Once your freezer is defrosted and decontaminated, login to JIRA and follow these directions to create a ticket for repair or disposal. You will need to provide your B# for funding as they will need it to submit work orders through Physical Plant for this work.

Next, fill out the Freezer Disposal Form and attach it to the outside of the freezer you are disposing.

The freezer needs to be brought to the loading dock for Physical Plant to work on it or dispose of it. If you take it to the dock, contact the Facility Manager for the location to put it at. If you cannot take it to the dock, include this additional request in the JIRA ticket to inform the Facility Manager that they will need ask Campus movers to do this for you.

Why does my unit say "No Probe"?

  • The most common “No Probe” issue is that it has become unplugged. Verify that the probe is plugged securely into the blue Duo box on the Input 1 only. The Input 2 on the box is not used at our location. On most freezers, the black thin cable is used to pass through the door seals. This is the most common point for being disconnected.
  • Try to disconnect and reconnect cables and visually inspect them for any damage. If they are damaged, this is a departmental charge and you will be responsible for the cost of a replacement probe.
  • Contact an Administrator for a new thin black extension cable. These are free to try.
  • If all else fails, contact an Administrator for a new probe and to troubleshoot it further.

I want to use a different alarm profile that is not on the "Alarm Profile" drop down selection.

Contact an Administrator to setup a different “Alarm Profile”. There is no charge for this.

Where can you go to find out more information about Sonicu?

Watch the training videos on this site first. Sonicu is a very large company and has a vast website with all of the information you will ever need to know. They also have additional videos online that you can use to learn more. They offer free support as well, but we ask that you contact one of our Administrators first to see if we are able to solve the issue.

Will the Sonicu Alarm System work upon power loss?

Yes. The Sonicu System is cloud based and the data is always accessible. The hub modules (the receivers that the duo freezers communicate with) have a UPS power supply that will supply up to 6 hours of power. The hub modules will also communicate through the Verizon cellular service if the network data is lost as well.

How do I remove myself from the Alarm System from receiving notifications?

There are few ways to stop receiving notifications from an alarm event.

  • Contact your previous lab and a Manager will be able to “Revoke” your access
  • Login in to your Sonicu account and set your notifications to disable
  • Contact an Administrator of the Sonicu system that you are associated with and they can “Revoke” your access

How do I make changes to the users or settings associated with my freezer?

Watch the “User/Manager” for all settings and options to control the users that receive notifications.

SMPH Sonicu Administrators

  • SMPH (Including BioTech, CSC & Meriter)
    • Jeremy Bussan
  •  WIMR
    • David Downing
    • 608-516-3070
  • UW Carbone Cancer Center
    • Kyle Schehr
  • MSC / McArdle
    • Mike Sauk
    • 608-220-7384
  • WisPIC
    • Lucas Lovell
    • 608-516-2975