This is not a comprehensive list. Additional policies may be under review or are being developed by the Administrative Policy Development and Review Committee. Policies also can be found within the administrative units listed in the navigation menu above.

For instructions on how to propose a school-wide administrative policy, please see 10.01 UW SMPH Administrative Policy Development, Review, and Implementation.

SMPH bylaws

The School of Medicine and Public Health Bylaws (pdf) provide information about the school’s governing structure, as well as general information including the school’s mission, vision, values and diversity commitment.

UW Health Policies

UW Health administrative policies are located on the overview page on U-Connect at UW Health Policies and should be reviewed when appropriate.  Some of the policies apply to the operations and staff of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

University-wide policies

UW-Madison and UW System policies and procedures apply to the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH). These policies are available on the UW-Madison Policy Library. The following policies have been identified by senior leadership as being highly relevant to the School:

Schoolwide policies

Number Section Title Date
10.01 10: Administration/Legal Policy Development, Review and Implementation Policy 07-26-2016
10.05 10: Administration/Legal Personal Social Media Use Policy 09-28-2020
10.10 10: Administration/Legal Institutional Social Media Use Policy 09-28-2020
10.10 10: Administration/Legal Institutional Social Media Registry (Form) 10-02-2020
10.20 10: Administration/Legal Assignment and Utilization of Wet Laboratory Research Space and Associated Offices 05-06-2021
10.21 10: Administration/Legal Office Space Usage and Allocation 05-06-2021
20.01 20: Compliance/Conflict of Interest UW Medical Foundation Policy on Interactions with Industry 01-01-2012
30.01 30: Fiscal Named Chair and Professorships 03-01-2017
30.05 30: Fiscal Distribution of Salary Support, Research Expenditures and Indirect Cost Return 10-22-2020
30.10 30: Fiscal Distribution of WARF Invention Royalties 07-27-2017
30.15 30: Fiscal Official Functions Policy 06-13-2019
40.01 40: Human Resources Faculty Appointments at the Veterans Administration 11-2020
40.10 40: Human Resources Educational Assistance Policy 10-2020
40.30 40: Human Resources Spousal/Partner Hire Policy 10-2020
40.40 40: Human Resources Reference Check Policy 09-23-2020
50.01 50: Facilities/Space Workforce Identification Badges 01-18-2016
60.05 60: Information Technology Warning Banner Policy 08-26-2019
60.10 60: Information Technology Endpoint Security Policy 12-12-2018
60.15 60: Information Technology Data Encryption Policy 08-26-2019
60.20 60: Information Technology User Account Management 08-26-2019
70.10 70: Clinical and Translational Research Feasibility Assessment Requirement for Non-exempt Human Subjects Research 10-08-2018
80.05 80: Academic Affairs Student Mistreatment Policy 09-23-2020
80.10 80: Academic Affairs Medical Student Disciplinary Action and Sanctions Policy 05-2017
80.15 80: Academic Affairs Student Supervision and Safety in the Clinical Setting 09-23-2020
80.20 80: Academic Affairs Resolution of Health Profession Program Student Grievances 05-2017
80.25 80: Academic Affairs Continuous Quality Improvement & Accreditation Compliance Monitoring for Health Profession Programs 04-20-2019
80.30 80: Academic Affairs Non-MD Academic Standards Policy 05-2017
80.40 80: Academic Affairs Advancement and Graduation Standards Policy 05-2017
80.50 80: Academic Affairs Anti-Discrimination Policy 05-2017
80.60 80: Academic Affairs Health Profession Programs (non-MD) Student Appeals Policy 05-2017
80.70 80: Academic Affairs Health Profession Programs (non-MD) Professionalism and Misconduct Policy 05-2017
80.75 80: Academic Affairs Conflict of Interest in Student Related SMPH Committees 05-2017
80.80 80: Academic Affairs Health Profession Student Transfer Policy 05-2017
80.85 80: Academic Affairs Tuition Adjustment and Refunding Policy 05-2017
80.100 80: Academic Affairs Consent for Sensitive Exams Under Anesthesia 7-2019
90.01 90: Basic Research, Biotechnology and Graduate Studies Grievance Policy for Graduate Programs in the School of Medicine and Public Health 04-2021
100.90 100: Faculty Affairs and Development Faculty Performance Review 2017
100.95 100: Faculty Affairs and Development Clinical Adjunct Track Faculty Performance Review 12-2017
Section Title