Key players in the accommodations process

What are the roles and responsibilities of people involved in the accommodations process?

The Divisional Disability Representative (DDR)

The DDR’s role is to help facilitate the accommodations process and ensure that accommodation requests are facilitated in a timely, confidential manner. DDRs are appointed by the Dean or Director to ensure compliance within the accommodations process. They assist managers, supervisors and employees with disability employment matters. They are the front-line person informing employees/supervisors of policies, procedures and decisions about accommodation requests. They provide education on disability matters, ensure confidentiality regarding medical information and keep confidential divisional medical records files. DDRs are charged with demonstrating a good faith effort in moving the accommodation process along, as well as being a resource for employees and supervisors/managers.

DDRs do not share medical information with supervisors/managers, their role is to help identify limitations/restrictors that manifest on the job due to a medical condition and identify accommodations so employees can continue to perform their job duties.


The manager/supervisor’s role in the accommodation process is to consult with the DDR when there is a disability request or if an employee has disclosed they have a medical condition that impacts their work. Managers/supervisors are often the first line of response when employees share a limitation or restriction that is impacting their job duties. Managers/supervisors follow policies and procedures, maintain confidentiality and manage operations within their department. Managers/supervisors demonstrate a good faith effort in working with the DDR to help identify and facilitate an employee’s return to work and/or accommodations.


The employee’s role is to inform their supervisor/manager or DDR of the need for accommodation. The employee must provide medical verification to the DDR upon request, as all accommodation requests must have supportive medical documentation. Employees follow policies, procedures, and demonstrate a good faith effort while partaking in the accommodations process.

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