Helpful resource: The Calm app and reducing stress or anxiety

Individuals with and without disabilities can experience stress and anxiety related to work and their work performance. This in turn can affect an employee’s ability to perform successfully. With this in mind, a helpful resource can be Calm, a sleep, meditation, and relaxation app, that was created to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, or help with general self-improvement. Individuals can try the app for free before paying either yearly or getting a lifetime access pass.

There are several ways that the app can assist in reducing stress or anxiety. Below is a list of the available options on the app to assist in this area:

  • Collection of guided meditations and courses
  • Content series that focus on relationships with others, with yourself, and with your emotions
  • Breathing exercises focused on relaxation, balance, restoration, focus, and unwinding
  • Masterclasses on gratitude, the power of rest, and getting better sleep
  • Full body activities and stretches for waking up and falling asleep, resetting during the day, and winding down for the day
  • Collection of calming music and soundscapes to assist with reducing anxiety and stress