Stephanie Krislov, REDCap Support Specialist, UW Institute for Clinical & Translational Research

This Staff Spotlight is part of a series dedicated to those employees who continue to shine as we navigate through the challenging times of the pandemic. As much of the world was shut down, SMPH staff shifted gears to adapt to the many barriers that prevented business as usual. The featured employees were nominated by their colleagues because they exemplified the Building Community Shared Values of SMPH throughout this hectic time. We will share a different profile every other week through November.

Stephanie Krislov is a REDCap Support Specialist for the UW Institute for Clinical & Translational Research.

What is your role?
I provide support and project design services for ICTR REDCap users. 

What does a typical day look like for you?
In a typical day, I have a nice mix of questions that come in from our users, and bigger projects that I am working on. I use a timer during project work, so I work for 25-minute chunks and then step back, stand up and stretch, and see how much progress I’m making. This helps me from getting too lost in the project rabbit-hole. And, of course, meetings! 

What is your workplace superpower?
My workplace superpower is making our application work for tasks it was not intended for and data analysis/visualization.

Tell us something that your coworkers don’t know about you?
I have Type 1 diabetes and have been hacking my continuous glucose monitor (now integrated with my insulin pump) for years so that I can make my personal health data more easily sharable and analyze it myself. Mostly I find that when I analyze my blood sugar trends, there is too much noise (from the normal activities of daily life) to arrive at useful conclusions, though!

What book can you recommend to your SMPH colleagues?
We Do This ‘Til We Free Us by Mariame Kaba

What is your favorite place to visit in Madison?
Taking a trip downtown to visit the Chazen, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and then a quick stop at Artist & Craftsman Supply to acquire more art supplies.

What is something personal on your desk?
My cat Matzoh is often curled up on my desk.

From the nominators:

Amy Siedschlag
Stephanie exemplifies the SMPH mission and values – most notably compassion, excellence and inclusivity. She works daily with staff from multiple departments to maintain and create their REDCap data collection projects by listening to their needs and passionately conveying the best options available. Her dedication to ensuring the projects are built to maximize staff efficiency and data quality is exemplary. Recently she independently took on a project to increase the accessibility of our KnowledgeBase websites so that all our users can benefit from the help documentation.

– Q&A condensed and edited by Arvette M. White, MBA