SMPH Student Mistreatment Triage Committee

The purpose of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (UWSMPH) Student Mistreatment Triage Committee is to provide timely review, appropriate triage, and longitudinal tracking of concerns of mistreatment within the UWSMPH community as reported by students, staff, and faculty.

Members of the committee share rotating, on-call duties to respond in a timely manner (within 24 business hours for website reports) to mistreatment concerns that are brought to the committee by various reporting mechanisms including, but not limited to, the mistreatment website reporting form and clerkship evaluations. Committee members are assigned to review cases assigned to them for appropriate triage for evaluation, investigation, and management. Committee members are also responsible for overseeing tracking to ensure timely responsiveness to concerns and to provide legally available updates to the reporting party every four weeks through final resolution. The committee meets formally every 4-8 weeks and more frequent meetings may be called by the chair as needed. Quarterly summaries of the Student Mistreatment Triage Committee activity are provided to the dean and the Deans Leadership Team, as well as other key stakeholders, for review.


Members of the committee include 4-6 faculty leaders representing student, curricular, and faculty interests as appointed by the senior associate dean for academic affairs and endorsed by the dean. The senior associate dean for academic affairs or their designee serves as the committee chair. Terms of membership are unlimited.