Lactation Rooms at SMPH and UW Health

Lactation rooms and “Lactation Friendly” locations are available in many UW–Madison and UW Health buildings to provide a welcoming environment for employees, learners, and guests. Such rooms provide private space where lactating individuals are welcome to pump or nurse. Most of these spaces are equipped with a comfortable chair, a small table and an electrical outlet. Each lactation room is operated by the building manager of the specific building. The following list summarizes information for several buildings on the western side of campus as of May 2022. Additional information is available through the UW–Madison Office of Child Care and Family Resources.

UW–Madison buildings:

  • Health Sciences Learning Center HSLC, 750 Highland Avenue: Room 2120 and Room 3208. Request access by contacting Hayley Mettel at, (608) 263-4920
  • Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR), 1111 Highland Avenue: Room 6007 (East Tower) and Room 7432. Reserve time online for Room 6007 using “Make Appointment for WIMR 6 Health Room
  • Medical Foundation Centennial Building (MFCB), 1685 Highland Avenue: Room 1103A. The room does not require a reservation and is first-come, first-served.
  • Additional locations are available at the School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, and many other facilities on campus. See a map

UW Health and VA buildings:

This is a partial list of locations in Madison. For lactation room information at additional UW Health facilities including ambulatory clinics, see U-Connect (requires UW Health login). Please note that UW Health procedure rooms, including ultrasound rooms, are not permitted for pumping or breastfeeding. RoomWizard is a touch display located at some UW Health lactation rooms that shows availability in real time and allows you to sign in locally. An asterisk (*) indicates that the lactation room is equipped with a hospital-grade, Medela Symphony breast pump. To safely use the breast pump, bring your own Medela Symphony Pumping Kit. Pumping supplies are available at a discount through AFCH Outpatient Pharmacy. Pumping kits are also available online at Medela or Amazon. Send questions or feedback regarding the UW Health Lactation Support Program to Employee Wellbeing at

  • University Hospital*, 600 Highland Avenue:
    • E3/238 (near ED)- Check in with RoomWizard
    • B6/367a (inside TLC Locker Rm) Check in with RoomWizard
    • H6/303A and H6/303B (Surgical Services Women’s Locker Room, badge access required)
    • F8/416
    • D4/413
    • B5/503
    • F5/510
    • E5/528
    • E5/628
    • E5/736
    • E5/718f and E5/718g: For access to these spaces, please email to ensure your ID badge is properly programmed.
  • American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH)*, 1675 Highland Avenue: Rooms do not require a reservation and are first-come, first-served.
    • 1st Floor – Room 1430 (Available for public access – no pump available)
    • 3rd Floor – Room 3222A (Surgical Services Women’s Locker Room, badge access required)
    • 4th Floor – Room 4302 (Preference given to PICU/P4 families and staff). Room Wizard is being used to collect room usage data for Rm 4302, which will help justify more lactation rooms (see instructions on U-Connect).
    • 5th Floor – Room 5111
    • 7th Floor – Rooms 7210 and 7302
    • 8th Floor – Room 8316 (Preference given to NICU/P8 families and staff).
    • Note that space is also available in pediatric specialty clinics at AFCH; contact Kristen Blotz, (608) 263-8380.
  • 700 University Bay Drive: Room 130
  • 800 University Bay Drive: Available for reservation via Outlook: UBD – Lactation Room 300-60-UWHC. Contact: Brianna Richling, (608) 263-7279
  • Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics (WisPIC), Department of Psychiatry, 6001 Research Park Blvd.: Room 1532. Contact: Brenda Hafenbrack, (608) 232-3357 or
  • Wisconsin Sleep Clinic, 6001 Research Park Blvd:  Space available as needed. Contact: Shannon Shields, (608) 262-3307
  • William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, 2500 Overlook Terrace: B wing, Room 1064