Requesting Access to UW Health Computer Systems

Process Overview  |   Process Steps and Details  |   FAQs

Process Overview

The purpose of this page is to guide users through the process when access to any UW Health computer systems, including HealthLink and SMPH departmental resources hosted by UW Health, is needed by the following populations:

  • UW-Madison employees, students, and affiliates working with SMPH
  • UW Health employees who report to SMPH employees

The below workflow shows an overview of the entire process, which can vary slightly based on the role of the individual for whom access is being requested and the type of access being requested. Please continue reading further for detailed instructions of each step.

Process Steps and Details

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1. CSAR and Supporting Documentation

A. UW Health ServiceNow SMPH CSAR Form

All SMPH requests for UW Health systems access must be submitted through the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health Computer Systems Access Request f0rm in UW Health’s ServiceNow.

If the above link doesn’t work, follow these instructions to access the form:

  1. Log in to ServiceNow with your UW Health credentials
  2. Type “SMPH CSAR” into the search bar
  3. Click on “UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health Computer Systems Access Request” in the search results

Refer to the UW Health ServiceNow SMPH Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) FAQs below for more information.

B. Supporting Documentation

In some cases, additional information must be included with the CSAR. The additional documentation varies by role and is summarized in the following table.

Role Required Supporting Documentation
  • Anyone not paid by SMPH
  • Undergraduate students (regardless of appointment/relationship)
  • UW employees appointed outside of SMPH
Attach Research Narrative to CSAR form*
  • All roles when requested access is typed in manually rather than being selected from drop-down menu
In Additional Information field of CSAR form, provide:

  1. Name and contact info for the person who recommended this access
  2. What you hope to accomplish with this request
  • All others
Follow prompts within CSAR form for any required additional information**

  * Excluding requests for access to only Family Medicine or Radiology resources hosted by UW Health
** Researchers who are also licensed RNs must obtain approval from the UW Health Nursing Education Department and RN Research Practice Committee prior to practicing as an RN in the UW Health clinical environment. Please refer to UW Health Policy 9.85 to access the application or the Research RN’s page for additional information about this process and contact RN RPC Chair Tammy Kiger at for any questions about the Research RN onboarding process.

1a. HealthLink Training (if applicable)

HealthLink training is not required for view-only access, but informational training for view-only HealthLink users is located on U-Connect as an audio-visual presentation.

HealthLink training is required before requests for more than view-only access to HealthLink (including the Research Coordinator role) can be provisioned. Visit UW Health’s U-Connect for additional information about HealthLink training and helpful HealthLink resources. Users can register for/inquire about training by contacting

2. Verification of Compliance Certification

Once the CSAR form is submitted through ServiceNow, it will be routed to SMPH Central HR Operations to confirm that the user has current compliance certification.

Compliance certification is a process in which SMPH HR staff confirm that the employee has fulfilled compliance requirements comparable to those UW Health has for its employees. Note that compliance certification is not required for dually appointed providers with UW Health hospital privileges or individuals solely employed by UW Health. SMPH Central HR Operations will automatically waive compliance certification and move the CSAR forward if the user falls into either of the exempt categories.

The exact requirements for compliance certification vary based on the employee’s job duties.

All individuals must complete:

Individuals whose job duties include face-to-face interaction with UW Health patients and/or UW human research subjects must also complete:

Compliance certification lasts for one year or until the user’s position changes, whichever occurs first. After that time, a new compliance certification will be required if the user requests new access.

3. Completion of Compliance Certification (if needed)

If Central HR Operations finds that the user is not currently compliance certified, a new task will be created in ServiceNow and assigned to the HR Operations Coordinator supporting the user’s department to facilitate compliance certification. The HR Operations Coordinator will work with the appropriate contacts within the user’s department to gather the required information needed for compliance certification and will then submit a compliance certification request to Central HR Operations through an internal process. Central HR Operations will verify the completion of the compliance requirements and will record compliance certification for the user and move the CSAR forward.

4. HIPAA Compliance Check

Once SMPH Central HR Operations confirms the user’s compliance certification, the CSAR will be routed to the SMPH HIPAA Privacy Coordinator, who will review the request and verify that the requested access is compliance with HIPAA regulations.

5. Departmental Approval

After SMPH compliance approval, the CSAR will be routed to departmental leadership to approve that the requested access is appropriate for the employee’s work. Departmental leadership will receive an email from ServiceNow telling them that a request requires their approval and they will be able to accept or reject within the ServiceNow Service Portal. If a department has more than one approver assigned, only one is required to approve or reject the request.

6. Provisioning

After departmental approval, the CSAR is sent to UW Health for provisioning. Requests typically take up to five business days to provision once received by UW Health. However, requests may require additional research and take longer to fulfill if access has not previously been provisioned to someone in the user’s role and/or for the intended purpose.

Once access is provisioned, credentials for the requested access are provided to departmental leadership.

UW-Madison SMPH Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) FAQs

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What form should I use in ServiceNow to request access to UW Health computer systems?

All SMPH requests for UW Health systems access must be submitted through the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health Computer Systems Access Request f0rm in UW Health’s ServiceNow.

If the above link doesn’t work, follow these instructions to access the form:

  1. Log in to ServiceNow with your UW Health credentials
  2. Type “SMPH CSAR” into the search bar
  3. Click on “UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health Computer Systems Access Request” in the search results

This form should be used for SMPH employees, students, contractors, and UW Health employees who are “departmental hires.”  Departmental hires are paid through UW Health, but are supervised by SMPH personnel and report up through Department Administrators.  Please do not use the UW Health CSAR (as opposed to the SMPH CSAR) for staff in these roles.

Who can submit SMPH CSARs?

Anyone with a UW Health user can submit an SMPH CSAR through ServiceNow. Departments may wish to create their own processes for how requests get submitted for organizational purposes, but the submitter does not have an impact on the review of the CSAR.

Will SMPH be able to obtain UW Health credentials just to log in to systems like ServiceNow and UConnect?

Yes. While UW Health was unable to accommodate basic credentials requests with the old manual process, the ServiceNow process allows requests to be processed far more efficiently so UW Health is able to provide access for additional users.

How can I submit a request if I don't have UW Health credentials?

There are many individuals in each department that have UW Health credentials and should be able to assist you with submitting a request. They may either submit the CSAR for the employee directly if the request is urgent or they may submit a CSAR to request UW Health credentials for you. Once you have UW Health credentials, you will be able to submit CSARs yourself.

How long will it take to obtain access?

If user is already compliance certified and you requested only items from the dropdown menus on the SMPH CSAR ServiceNow form, Central HR Operations and the SMPH HIPAA Privacy Coordinator will typically validate requests within 3 business days. However, requests can take longer if compliance certification needs to be completed or if you request access that is not standard/not selected by using the dropdown menus.

How should I submit authorizations for credentialed providers (physicians, advanced practice providers)?

New providers to be credentialed through the Provider Enrollment department will receive UW Health computer access as part of provider onboarding at UW Health. There is no need to complete the UW-Madison CSAR form. The user credentials will be provided to the Education department for release to the provider during their initial HealthLink training session.  Authorization for credentialed staff is inferred by the credentialing process, and UW Health Information Services maintains a list of standard permissions for each clinical specialty and provisions standard access for all providers in the same discipline.

What if we have a provider who needs access to systems that are not “standard?”

After a new provider receives account credentials from UW Health and determines permissions are missing, or if a new access need is identified for an existing provider, departments should use the UW-Madison CSAR form.  Please use the departmental selections available on the dropdown menus, or where necessary, use the Additional Information field.

To minimize delays:

  • Be as specific as possible when using the Additional Information field.
  • Include contextual information, including who advised the physician to obtain the access and what the access will be used for.

If several staff need access to the same systems, can I submit one form for all users?

At this time, there is no group request for SMPH employees. While there is a Group Request form available in ServiceNow, that form does not leverage the unique workflow for SMPH that assures compliance and authorization steps are completed.

How do I attach additional documentation to the CSAR?

Clicking the paper clip icon in the bottom right corner of the CSAR form allows users to attach documents.

How can I check the status of my request?

All activity in a CSAR is recorded and viewable within the ServiceNow ticket. To check the status of your CSAR, log in to the ServiceNow Service Portal and click My Tickets in the top right corner, then click on the specific request. Note that by default you will only see Open tickets – if you don’t see the request in the list then it’s possible it has been closed. Simply toggle the “View” menu to “Closed” and you will then see your closed tickets.

If you have questions about your ticket, please enter a comment on the ticket. Anyone with a task assigned to them as part of your CSAR will receive an email notification about your comment.

Is remote access available for research purposes?

No. There are significant HIPAA security concerns that prevent the provisioning of remote access for research purposes.

Do I need to submit termination notifications for SMPH employees?

In most cases, term notifications are not needed for SMPH employees if their last day in the office is the same as the last day in the UW-Madison HR system. These terminations will be automatically passed over to UW Health and processed. If the user does not have a SMPH appointment or their last day is prior to their last day in the UW-Madison HR system, a term notification is needed and should be submitted via the SMPH CSAR.

What are the common sources of delay associated with requests?

The most common sources of delay are requesting items that are not available via the dropdown menus on the CSAR (i.e. entering a free text request) and a user who needs to complete the compliance certification process.

What should I do if the item that I would like to request access is not listed on the CSAR?

If the item that you would like to request is not available via one of the dropdown menus on the CSAR, please enter it in the free text box at the bottom of the form along with 1) the name and contact info for the person who recommended this access and 2) what you hope to accomplish with this request.

What should I do if I cannot find a user via the CSAR’s search function?

Only individuals with UW Health credentials are searchable via the CSAR. If the individual does not have a UW Health account, please select “New User (Does not have UW Health credentials)” in the Type of Access Request field, check the user name not found box, and type in the user’s info.

Can I modify a CSAR after submission?

No. The request itself cannot be modified after submission, because there needs to be clear documentation of what was requested, approved and provisioned. If a different item needs to be selected on the CSAR a new submission will be needed.

Why was my ticket closed as incomplete?

The specific reason that your ticket was closed will be documented in the ticket and automatically emailed to you. The most common reasons for closing a ticket as incomplete include: typing in an item that cannot be provisioned, failing to respond to a request for additional information for 30 or more days, or when incorrect items were selected on the CSARs.

Contact Information

For questions about compliance certification, please contact SMPH Central HR Operations –

For other questions, please contact the SMPH HIPAA Privacy Coordinator –

If you have a UW Health user but you are unable to log in to UW Health systems, contact the UW Health Help Desk at (608) 265-7777 to have a staff member reset your password. The help desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.