Technical Standards and Access to Accommodations Committee (TSAAC)

The Technical Standards Accommodation Advisory Committee develops policies and recommendations concerning disability accommodations for medical students. The committee partners with the UW McBurney Center to review, modify, and approve medical student requests for disability accommodations.

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Per its charter, TSAAC is a standing committee consisting of:

  • (1) member of UW SMPH serving as Director of Technical Standards and Director of TSAAC
  • (1) member serving as UW SMPH Associate Dean for Students or his/her designee in Student Services
  • (1) member serving as Director of the McBurney Disability Resource Center or his/her designee
  • (1) appointed member serving as Director of Assessment and Analytics or his/her designee
  • (6-8) total members, representing a combination of elected and appointed members in diverse clinical disciplines, with at least one representing a surgical field.

Each appointed member shall serve a minimum of a two-year term starting in May of the academic year. Appointed members would comprise staff or faculty who are familiar with the clinical curriculum and how that curriculum is delivered in an inter-professional setting.

Current Roster

  • Christopher Crnich, MD, Department of Medicine, 2021
  • Dawn Elfenbein, MD, Department of Surgery, 2021
  • Mari Magler, JD, Director of McBurney Center
  • Gwen McIntosh, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Students/Pediatrics
  • Davie Paolone, MD, Department of Urology, 2022
  • Gail Roberson, PhD, Department of Neuroscience, 2021
  • Sarina Schrager, MD, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, 2022
  • Christine Sharkey, MD, Department of Surgery, 2021
  • Raquel Tatar, PhD, MSPH, MA, SMPH Testing Services
  • Sarah Traynor, PhD, Department of Anatomy, Nov. 2020
  • Bonnie Weigert, MD, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, 2021
  • Krista Zimonick, MA, SMPH Technical Standards Director