Medical School Admissions Committee (MSAC)

The mission of the MSAC is to select a class of diverse medical students who possess outstanding academic, personal, and professional attributes and hold promise to succeed as clinicians, scientists, educators, and/or leaders. The MSAC is the sole authority by which prospective students are accepted for medical degree training at SMPH. The MSAC chooses which applicants to accept to the traditional medical degree program, the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD-PhD), and the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine through a holistic review. The MSAC creates and charges sub-committees to assist in the initial screening of medical students for special programs or other purposes as needed.

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Per its charter, MSAC is composed of voting and non-voting, ex-officio members. Voting members include faculty from both clinical and non-clinical departments, as well as student and community members. Non-voting, ex-officio members include the SMPH dean or the dean’s designee, the senior associate dean for academic affairs, the associate dean for medical student education and services, the assistant dean for admissions, the associate dean for multicultural affairs, the associate dean for student services, the director of admissions, the director of multicultural affairs, the director of the Native Center for Health Professions, and the director of pathway programs and recruitment.

Some MSAC faculty members are voted in by peers through a yearly election process. Others are appointed by the assistant dean for admissions with the goal of securing a diverse group of individuals all focused on selecting a medical school class through a holistic review and in keeping with the UWSMPH mission. Student members are elected by their peers. Additional members may be identified from the community, emeritus faculty, or other well-qualified individuals.

MSAC members serve staggered three-year terms with a limit of two consecutive terms and at least one year off before serving again. The MSAC chair and vice chair are not bound by a term limit. Student appointments are for one or two semesters, depending on class schedules. Vacancies will be filled for new three-year terms with occasional adjustment in length if the staggered terms become uneven.

Current Roster

  • Jennifer Wright, MD, MSAC Chair Department of Medicine, 2022
  • Dan Shirley, MD, MSAC Vice-Chair Department of Medicine, 2022
  • Meghan Cotter, PhD, Academic Affairs, 2022
  • James Couser, MD, Community Member, 2023
  • Marin Darsie, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine/Neurosurgery, 2023
  • Carol Diamond, MD, Department of Pediatrics, 2023
  • Amy Fiedler, MD, Department of Surgery, 2022
  • Anne Griep, PhD, Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology, 2022
  • Diane Head, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, 2022
  • Christopher Hildebrand, MD, Department of Medicine, 2021
  • James Louis Hinshaw, MD, Department of Radiology, 2023
  • Joe Holt, MD, Department of Medicine, 2023
  • Bethany Howlett, MD, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, 2023
  • David Kiefer, MD, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, 2023
  • Noelle LoConte, MD, Department of Medicine, 2023
  • Kristin Long, MD, Department of Surgery, 2023
  • Gary Lyons, PhD, Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology, 2023
  • Teresa Mangin, MD, Department of Neurology, 2023
  • Patti Mulcahy, MLS, MBA, Community Member, 2021
  • Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS, Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute, 2023
  • Aditya Sukhwal, MD, Department of Family Medicine, 2022
  • Erick Tarula, MD, Department of Neurology, 2022
  • John Temprano, MD, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, 2023
  • Sandra Vega-Semorile, PhD, PEOPLE Program, 2023
  • J.P. Yu, MD, PhD, Department of Radiology, 2023