Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC)

The EPCC is the final authority for curriculum planning and educational policy for medical education. The EPCC approves program objectives, monitors program outcomes, and evaluates the effectiveness of the SMPH’s medical education programs; oversees the approval of course proposals for the medical degree curriculum; and serves as the hearing body for student appeals for the medical degree program.

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Per the EPCC Charter, the number of voting members shall not exceed fourteen (14) nor be less than ten (10). Members shall include four student members (one for each year) who are chosen from each class, elected by their peers, for a four-year term shortly after the beginning of the first semester.

The remaining voting membership shall include 6-10 faculty members elected from the faculty body and 2 appointed faculty members. Voting faculty members serve for three years each, with approximately one-third of the membership rotating off each year. Term lengths may be shortened by the EPCC Executive committee if needed to ensure one-third of the memberships are rotating each year. Faculty can serve no more than two consecutive terms; serving a partial term counts as one term if the service was for the majority of that term. Additionally, voting membership should include perspectives from the following areas: Graduate Medical Education and Public Health. No fewer than 2 members should be from the Basic or Applied Science Departments and no fewer than 2 members should be from the Clinical Departments.

Current Roster

Basic Science Representatives (3)

  • Amy Moser, PhD, EPCC Chair (Human Oncology) 2021
  • Jon Woods, MD, PhD (Medical Microbiology and Immunology), 2023
  • Susan Lederer, PhD (Medical History and Bioethics), 2023

Clinical Science Representatives (3)

  • Zachary Goldberger, MD (Medicine) (CHS), 2023
  • Aaron Kraut, MD (Department of Emergency Medicine) (CHS), 2023
  • Mark Beamsley, MD (Family Medicine), 2022
  • Alexis Eastman, MD (Medicine), 2021
  • Amanda Parkes, MD (Medicine), 2022

Statewide Reps

  • Kim Lansing, MD, PhD, 2022

Non-MD Program Representative

  • Amanda DeVoss, MSS, PA-C (Family Medicine), 2022

Student Representatives

  • Natasha Dombrowski, 2022
  • Kevin Franco Valle, 2024
  • Grace Shea, 2023
  • TBD, 2024
  • TBD, 2025

Ex-Officio Members

  • William Aughenbaugh, MD (Phase 3 Director)
  • Shobhina Chheda, MD, MPH (Associate Dean for Med Education)
  • Gwenevere McIntosh (Associate Dean for Student Services)
  • Elaine Pelley, MD (Phase 1 Director)
  • Tim Rowe, MD (PGY-3, Internal Medicine)
  • Maria Schletzbaum (MSTP Student Rep)
  • Christine Seibert, MD (Associate Dean for Med Student Education/Services)
  • Jason Stephenson, MD (Chair of Curriculum Assessment Subcommittee)
  • Katharina Stewart, MD (Phase 2 Director)
  • Dave Bernhard (Director, Student Services)

CC Members

  • Amy Becker, MA (Director, Longitudinal Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Julie Foertsch, PhD (Director of Evaluation)
  • Joseph Holt, MD (Director of WARM)
  • Kiersti Knox, MD (Director of TRUIMPH)
  • Elizabeth Petty, MD (Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs)
  • Parvathy Pillai, MD (POD Public Health)
  • Vera Tsenkova, PhD (POD Research)
  • Raquel Tatar, PhD, MA, MSPH (Director, Assessments and Analytics)
  • Diana Wheeler, MA-LIS (Phase 3 Curriculum and Electives Manager)