How to add events to the academic affairs calendar

1. Make sure you have logged out of your personal Google/Gmail account. This is important because calendar access is tied to your campus email address.

2. Log into your UW-Madison Google account.

3. Now log into the Academic Affairs calendar. Go to the calendar page and click on the Google calendar link in the lower right-hand corner.

calendar screenshot

4. If you see a screen asking you to log in to your Google account, enter your UW-Madison email address. If you have previously logged in with a personal Google/Gmail account, you may need to sign in with a different account before you can can enter your campus email.

Google login

Google account switch

5. You should now be at the main calendar page. On the left side of the screen, you should see the Academic Affairs calendar listed under My Calendars. If you do not, it’s because you do not have access. Contact Moira Lafayette at to request access.

6. Now you’re ready to add or edit an event. You can click the red Create button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen or simply click on the date and time within the calendar. (View detailed information about adding and editing events.) When adding events, you’ll want to include the event name, date, time, location and a brief description.

Two things to keep in mind: When creating an event, be sure you’re always using the Academic Affairs calendar. (This is generally only an issue if you’re account is tied to multiple calendars.) And you’ll also want to make sure the visibility is set to either Calendar Default or Public. These settings are highlighted below.

Google calendar screenshot