Natasha Mednikova, Account III, Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Pronouns: she/her/hers

NatashaWhat is your current position?

I’m an Account III with SMPH’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research. I work closely with the All of Us, a people-focused research collection program, and the Collaborative Center for Health Equity (CCHE), which connects states with rural, urban, and tribal communities, plus some other widely ranged ICTR fiscal responsibilities.

When did you start working in SMPH?  At UW?

I started working here at UW–Madison right before the pandemic; I actually recently celebrated my 3-year anniversary!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Most days are pretty similar, but others can get chaotic. Essentially, every day I go through different inquiries and requests between the different projects I manage, which means nonstop reading emails and running numbers and projections. I usually have lots of scheduled trainings and meeting, but spontaneous ones pop in, too, and those can mess my day around, but I’d rather talk to people than leave their questions unanswered. It also depends on the time of year – we get really busy in April, when annual renewal submissions start, through the opening of the new fiscal year in September.

What is your workplace superpower?

I would say I’m a very organized person, and like to plan everything ahead. Now, when I plan, I plan for unexpected meetings too, which helps a lot! I’m also very good with deadlines.

What is something personal you keep on your desk?

At the office, I keep a honey-scented candle that a friend gave me. Another colleague brought me a plant on my desk, and I have a lot of plants here at home.

A flower pot on a table

Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Russia, where I lived until six years ago, (my dad was invited by UW–Madison more than 20 years ago). Before I worked at the university, I was at Pacific Cycle and got an MBA here at Edgewood College.

What is your favorite place to spend time in Madison? In the world?

I really like the Arboretum! It’s a great place for a walk and to center your mind. I also like the Terrace, but only when it’s not too busy, and the Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton.

I also have fallen in love with the Caribbean! I had never travelled the Americas before, when I was in Russia, I travelled mostly in Europe. My last trip was Cozumel, where I tried scuba diving and discovered a whole new underwater world! The Red Sea in Egypt also had incredible scuba diving.

What are you reading right now? 

A white flower in a small pot

I’m reading The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.

Share one fact about yourself that your co-workers might not be aware of.

I really like scuba diving! I just got certified for open water diving in Cozumel. I’m also on the National Ski Patrol and volunteer in wintertime at Tyrol Basin.

Optional: Ask yourself one more question, and answer it.

I like to help people in any way I can – that’s why I volunteer with ski patrol! I work in the financial world of numbers, and that might be known for having less of a human touch, but to me, communication is so important and relationships with people are so helpful in and out of work.