Alcohol Beverage Service Permits for School of Medicine and Public Health events

UW–Madison has an online system for alcohol beverage service permits. Alcohol Beverage Service Permits are required for alcohol service at all university events — both on and off campus — with exceptions for certain events as outlined in the UW–Madison-Specific Alcohol Beverage Regulations, Section II: 1-4. The permits are administered through University Health Services. Below is some information on the current alcohol permit system.

UW School of Medicine and Public Health employees, including dually employed physicians, must abide by this policy. This policy requires an alcohol beverage service permit for any gathering, program, or activity that: 

  • a) that takes place on university lands; 
  • or b) takes place as part of a university-sponsored activity not located on university lands; 
  • or c) the university, or a part of the university, is paying for, including student segregated fees. 

Note: UW Health events that do not meet one of the three above criteria should utilize UW Health’s Alcoholic Beverage Possession and Consumption policy

Obtaining a permit is also an essential part of the process to receive reimbursement from the university for alcohol purchased.

How to apply for an Alcohol Beverage Service Permit — You must follow all steps

  1. Applicants must thoroughly read and understand the campus alcohol policy. This satisfies the training requirements for Responsible Employees. 
    • A responsible University employee must be identified on and sign the permit application. A responsible University employee is a person with a faculty, limited, academic or classified staff appointment, who is age 21 or over. See the campus alcohol policy for more information. 
  2. The system only generates a permit approval email, not a downloadable permit.
  3. Apply for a permit at least two weeks in advance of your event to allow sufficient time for Responsible Employees, the Approving Sponsor, and University Health Services staff to review and advance the application and/or to make necessary changes.
  4. When applying for an online permit for your SMPH event, indicate Traci Gaydos ( as the “approving sponsor” for approval.
    • DO NOT submit alcohol permit requests to Dean Robert N. Golden or others in SMPH Administration. Doing so will cause you to have to resubmit your request and experience a delay. 
  5. All permit requests for SMPH must be limited to campus buildings/facilities operated by SMPH and off-campus facilities (i.e., an SMPH employee’s residence). Campus buildings/facilities operated by other campus or off-campus entities must be contacted for alcohol permits. (If you are uncertain whether a campus building is operated by SMPH or another school, college or division, contact the building manager.)
  6. Submit your permit application at

For more information on the alcohol permit policy and to apply for a permit, visit the UHS Alcohol Beverage Service Permits page

Contact Traci Gaydos ( or with any questions.