Tools and Resources

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Office of Fiscal Affairs provides tools and resources for faculty and staff.

Accounting Data Warehouse (ADW)

The UW School of Medicine and Public Health ADW provides access to accounting data from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Foundation through standard web reports or with query tools. For example, you can produce financial statements for individual grants or your whole department.

Other Tools and Resources

FAST provides projections of how much is left to spend on grants.

The UW Foundation website includes campus database access.

  1. Look at grant balances or search for details.
  2. See how a person is being paid (payroll detail query)
  3. Use the Finance/Accounting Snapshot Tool (FAST). It provides projections of how much you have left to spend on grants

MAMA is used to track school funds, expenditures and commitments (formerly known as Where are We Reports). The MAMA reports are now stored on For access, email Darlene Wood at

The Interactive Reporting Query Library/Hyperion Server can produce monthly or other accounting reports including:

  • HRS Queries
  • SMPH Query Library
  • School Funds Queries
  • Trust Office Queries
  • Other Accounting Queries

Research and Sponsored Programs supports and administers extramurally sponsored programs.

Resources on the Shared Financial System SFS website include:

Fiscal Forums
Please contact Melissa Slouber at for recent fiscal forum materials.