Strategic Framework

Introducing Pillars of the New Strategic Framework

Dean Robert N. Golden charged an 11-member committee in early 2022 with developing the School of Medicine and Public Health’s strategic framework.

The process has produced an overall strategic framework that will serve to overlay the rich strategic plans that exist within the school’s core mission areas. The prototype for this model is the university’s Strategic Framework.

After reviewing the strategic plans of many of the school’s departments, programs and research centers and receiving input from several of the school’s leadership groups, the committee identified six high-level areas of focus recommended as the pillars of the school’s future strategic framework.

Many thanks to the hundreds of SMPH community members, including learners, staff, and faculty, who provided input about the proposed pillars though survey responses and listening sessions in January and February 2023. The new Strategic Framework pillars are below, including revisions arising from this feedback. A presentation on this initiative will occur at the Spring Faculty/Staff Meeting on April 24, 2023. 

The following draft preamble will appear when the Framework is published on the public-facing school website:

The UW School of Medicine and Public Health Strategic Framework was finalized in April 2023 by an 11-member Steering Committee with input from seven committees and more than 450 faculty, staff and learners. It was endorsed by the school’s Academic Planning Council. This framework is intended to be actionable and inspiring, adding value to the development of targeted strategic plans from more than 90 major units in the school such as departments, centers, institutes, and programs.

Unit strategic plans will be aligned with the framework, formulating goals and objectives that correspond to the strategic pillars. Progress towards goal achievement will be monitored. Thus, the strategic framework will set the foundation for progress, coordinating activities across the many different disciplines within the school. Scaffolding goals and objectives to strategic pillars is a tangible way to practice the continuous improvement that is needed to advance the school’s highest priorities and pursue our shared vision of healthy people and healthy communities.

Strategic Framework Pillars

Promoting Health and Health Equity

We will:

  • Identify the health impacts of structural inequities and injustices and develop solutions that improve individual and population health.
  • Evaluate and implement ways to create meaningful and sustainable health and health equity.
  • Promote equitable access to quality health care through our teaching, research, practice, and advocacy.

Pursuing Excellence in Teaching and Learning

We will:

  • Excel at innovative teaching methodologies that engage our school’s community.
  • Emphasize an inclusive, scholarly team approach to integrate the teaching of basic, clinical, and translational sciences and public health.
  • Inspire a community of engaged lifelong learners.

Advancing Innovative and Impactful Research & Discovery

We will:

  • Investigate transformational questions in the basic, clinical, translational, and population sciences to produce new knowledge, improve clinical care, and enhance human health.
  • Foster strong, interactive relationships throughout our broad and diverse researcher and research participant communities.
  • Encourage multidisciplinary approaches, leveraging team science and new technologies to tackle tough challenges that advance health and health equity.
  • Strive to be exemplary research mentors and coaches.

Becoming an Anti-racist, Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive School Community

We will:

  • Commit to dismantling racism in ourselves, our school, and our community.
  • Strive for equity in our policies and practices.
  • Build an inclusive community in which people from marginalized identities and backgrounds thrive.
  • Promote a culture of respect and belonging among our faculty, staff, learners, partners, and the communities we serve.

Creating the Future Together

We will:

  • Cultivate and promote interprofessional and interdisciplinary work culture.
  • Encourage and empower individuals to practice effective leadership.
  • Strengthen collaborations and partnerships to catalyze learning, discovery, and implementation.
  • Listen and work as allies with our patients and communities.

Committing to the Success and Well-being of Each Other

We will:

  • Create and support a compassionate culture in which we care for and value each other, and all can thrive.
  • Embrace recruitment and retention strategies as essential investments in our future.
  • Prioritize the professional and personal development of our people with a focus on equity.
  • Provide the resources and tools for people to be successful.

Provide your input on the framework initiative

2023 Strategic Framework comment form

Committee members

Members of the Strategic Framework Development Committee

  • Anjon Audhya (co-chair)
  • Elizabeth Petty (co-chair)
  • Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
  • Mahua Dey
  • Beth Drolet
  • Sheri Johnson
  • Patricia (Tricia) Kiley
  • Mark Mandel
  • Michelle Ostmoe
  • Erik Ranheim
  • Raunak Sinha
  • Facilitator: Kelvin Alfaro
  • Facilitator: Steve Bialek
  • Consultant: Robyn M. Perrin
  • Administrative staffing: Andrea Poehling