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This avatar may be used by academic and clinical departments, divisions, units, and institutes associated with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. It is visually linked to the new avatar used by the main @UWSMPH social accounts.
The new avatar is free of text, for both readability and accessibility reasons. We ask that no alterations are made to the new avatar.

As a best practice, avoid placing text on images or graphics, especially when used at a small scale.

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The new UW School of Medicine and Public Health social media avatar.

Review and update your profile

To reflect best practices for institutional social media profiles, it is recommended that you review your account profile and ensure you are audience-focused in your description. Include your campus unit’s full name. Clearly indicate affiliation with UW School of Medicine and Public Health and UW–Madison. If your unit’s full name exceeds the word count allowed for profile names, consider using a commonly understood abbreviation (e.g., Dept. for DepartmentUW for UW–Madison) and/or writing out the full name in the profile bio.


If you wish to recognize special occasions on your profile (such as program anniversaries or heritage months), we recommend using the profile banner image rather than altering the avatar. You can change your banner image as often as you’d like. Changing the avatar risks weakening a clear connection to the institution and can erode user brand recognition.

Social media policies

As private individuals or as programs that use social media, we must take care not to violate FERPA and HIPAA patient privacy rules as well as institutional policies and guidance.

Refer to the following resources:

You may also want to familiarize yourself with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health Social Media Statement

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