SMPH Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The FAC considers specific matters brought to the committee by the SMPH dean, the dean’s designee, or the APC. This includes consideration of any actions taken by faculty committees, departments, the SMPH dean or the dean’s designee, and other bodies of individuals; matters brought to its attention by faculty; and provides an arms-length consideration of formal or informal grievances brought by SMPH faculty.

For questions about the FAC, contact Meghan Gauger


The FAC consists of four members from tenure track, CHS track, or CT track who have medical school appointments of 50% or more of full-time. Two members are from SMPH basic science departments and two are from clinical science departments. The committee will select a chair annually, and this appointment can be renewed. The committee will select a tenure track APC representative annually, and this appointment can be renewed.

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Membership Terms

Members serve for three years on the FAC and arrangements are made to elect one new clinical member and one new non-clinical member each year. All terms begin during the summer months. FAC members who have served a three-year term are not eligible for re-election for a period of one year.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations for open positions are solicited in the spring from faculty members and department chairs. The solicitation period lasts two to four weeks. Candidates must be willing to serve if elected. The SMPH Dean’s Office will seek approval from the supervisor or department chair.

Election Procedure

Nominations and elections are held near the end of the academic year. The election, using online ballots, takes place shortly after the nomination period is closed. All tenure track, CHS track, and CT track faculty with appointments of 50% or more are eligible to vote. A vacancy that would continue for one year or longer will be filled following the next regular election and will last for the remaining period of the vacancy. Vacancies for periods of less than one year will remain unfilled.


Basic Science Representatives (2)

  • Karen Cruickshanks, PhD, Population Health Sciences (Tenure) (2023)
  • Luis Populin, PhD, Neuroscience (Tenure) (2022)

Clinical Science Representatives (2)

  • Michael Kim, MD, Emergency Medicine (CHS) (2022)
  • Mary Westergaard, MD, Emergency Medicine) (CHS) (2023)

Note: In order to be in compliance with UW Madison FPP 3.08 regarding APC membership, the SMPH FAC representative must be a tenure track/tenured faculty member.