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Step 1: Identify a funding source for your project.
Step 1: Develop your “idea” and  identify a funding source.
Prepare proposal
Step 2: Craft your proposal.
Submit Proposal to Funder
Step 3: Submit proposal to funding agency.

medRAMP Services

About Us

The SMPH’s Office of Research, Biotechnology, and Graduate Studies created the medRAMP Office (Research AdMinistration and Proposal Development Services) in direct response to identified need from investigators, faculty, and staff to support the grant proposal development process.  To that end, the mission of medRAMP is to enhance and promote the research enterprise and academic infrastructure at the School of Medicine and Public Health and UW-Madison. Our goal is to expand the level of extramural support for single and multi-investigator research through assistance with the planning, development, submission, and administration of competitive grant proposals to a variety of federal and non-federal funding sources.

The medRAMP Office website also provides a wide range of resources to help investigators with proposal development, including the ability to access and view samples of successful proposals, templates, and boiler plate language; comprehensive listing of funding announcements and links from a variety of federal and non-federal agencies, and resources for grant writing training and support. The website is found at:

Grant Funding Opportunities and Resources

The medRAMP Office provides links to a variety of federal and nonfederal funding sources, which are found at this site:

For more information, contact us at


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Proposal Development Assistance

medRAMP provides full-scale support and assistance on all components of application development ranging from individual research and foundation grants to large, complex, interdisciplinary, and/or multi-investigator proposals:

  • Multi-Investigator/Complex Proposals: Full support to faculty on grant proposal development for large-scale, complex proposals that feature collaboration between multiple departments, investigators, and/or institutions, such as Program Project, Centers, Institutional Training, and other capacity-building grants. Vital to the success of a collaborative research application is a well-written, skillfully prepared, and organized proposal. To that end, we provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire planning and development process to ensure proposals are as strong and competitive as possible.
  • Individual Researcher Proposals: Full support for single investigator research proposals to assist with the planning, development, writing/reviewing/editing, and submittal process to ensure all program guidelines and criteria are met, and a high quality, competitive proposal is reviewed and submitted on a timely basis.

Overall Project Management

Based on an insightful review of funding opportunity announcements, we assist in designing a team-based approach for overall proposal planning, development, and submission. Strategic planning will be driven through project-specific guidelines, checklists, timelines, and meeting logistics. In collaboration with the Principal Investigator(s), we help facilitate planning meetings among multiple members of the project’s team and assist in creation of well-planned, integrated vision that aligns with a funding agency’s mission, goals, objectives, and/or investment priorities.

We help to facilitate the overall development, coordination, and timely submission of proposals from start to finish.  Overall project management includes participating in strategic planning meetings, developing timelines and checklists, setting up organizational and document collection systems, communicating with multiple teams members, writing support (non-science portions), review and editing services, budget development, assistance with proposal components and attachments, and more. We help to ensure that the proposal conveys a well-planned, integrated vision that aligns with the funding agency’s mission, goals, and objectives. Included in overall project management is working with departmental staff to develop grant program budgets and support electronic systems set-up and management (e.g., Cayuse, WISPER, etc.).

Proposal Review & Editing

Editing services ensure adherence to grant guidelines, review criteria, and requirements; clarity. logic, and flow; strong grantsmanship and readability; and proper use of formatting, grammar, and pagination. Weaving narrative sections written by multiple team members into a seamless whole ensures that proposals read as if they were written in a single, coherent voice and exemplify program integration and synergy. This intensive review and editing process results in a polished and well-written proposal in which all content is clearly, logically, and persuasively presented.

Grant Writing Resources

medRAMP provides writing assistance and resources to help investigators develop and enhance writing skills, such as templates, boilerplate language, and sample proposal sections. The Grants Library allows investigators to quickly and easily access these resources. We will review, summarize, and provide guidance on grant application criteria and create program specific guidelines and toolkits to assist in design, development, and writing processes.

Funding Research

We specialize in disseminating information about relevant funding announcements for extramural support via email and timely postings on medRAMP Grants Library website   Investigators may also request our services to identify funding opportunities for specific needs or to be trained on how to conduct funding research using grant databases.

medRAMP Grants Library

The medRAMP Grants Library was developed to serve as a centralized resource for investigators, faculty, staff, and students to allow access to proposal development resources. This site contains:

  • Samples of successfully funded federal and non-federal grant applications
  • General stock language and proposal templates and tools
  • Example checklists, timelines, and guidelines
  • Links to many grant writing resources, opportunities, and training