Requesting Access to UW Health Computer Systems

Process Overview

The purpose of this page is to guide users through the process of requesting access to UW Health systems, including HealthLink and all other systems hosted by UW Health. The requirements and steps listed in the below chart vary slightly based on the role of the individual whom access is being requested for and the type of access being requested. The variations for different roles and access levels are described below.

The first three requirements below should be completed simultaneously to expedite the access request process.

Process Steps and Details

  • 1. Compliance Certification

    Compliance certification is required for all requests to access UW Health computer systems and involves confirmation by Central HR Operations staff that compliance requirements have been met. For all individuals, these requirements include a background check, HIPAA training, and a confidentiality agreement. For individuals who will have patient or research subject contact, UW Health Safety and Infection Control training and TB testing are also required. Compliance certifications are initiated by HR Operations staff.

  • 2. CSAR and Supporting Documentation

    A. UW Health ServiceNow SMPH CSAR Form

    A Computer Systems Authorization Request (CSAR) must be submitted through UW Health ServiceNow for all requests. Log in to ServiceNow with your UW Health credentials, and search for “SMPH CSAR.” Refer to the UW Health ServiceNow SMPH Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) FAQs below for more information.

    B. Supporting Documentation

    In some cases, additional documentation needs to be attached to the CSAR form. The additional documentation varies by role and is summarized in the following table.

    Role Document Needed
    Honorary Appointees, Students, & employees of other campus units Attach Research Narrative to CSAR form in ServiceNow*
    Researchers Provide additional information if prompted in CSAR form in ServiceNow**
    Administrative Support Staff None
    Non-Credentialed Clinicians (e.g. audiologists, speech therapists, physical therapists and anesthesiology assistants) None

      * Excluding requests for access to only Family Medicine or Radiology resources hosted by UW Health
    ** Researchers who are also licensed RNs must obtain approval from the UW Health Nursing Education Department and RN Research Practice Committee prior to practicing as an RN in the UW Health clinical environment. Please refer to UW Health Policy 9.85 to access the application or the Research RN’s page for additional information about this process and contact RN RPC Chair Tammy Kiger at for any questions about the Research RN onboarding process.

  • 3. HealthLink Training (if applicable)

    HealthLink training is required before requests for more than view-only access to HealthLink (including the Research Coordinator role) can be provisioned. Additional information on training is located on UConnect and users can register for/inquire about training by contacting

    HealthLink training is not required for view-only access, but informational training for view-only HealthLink users is located on UConnect via PDF and an audio-visual presentation.

  • 4. SMPH Compliance Approval

    Once the CSAR form is submitted through ServiceNow, it will be routed to SMPH staff to confirm that the employee has met compliance requirements and that the requested access is in line with HIPAA standards.

  • 5. Departmental Approval

    After SMPH compliance approval, the CSAR will be routed to departmental leadership to approve that the requested access is appropriate for the employee’s work.

  • 5. Provisioning

    After departmental approval, the CSAR is sent to UW Health for provisioning. Requests typically take up to five business days to provision once received by UW Health. However, requests may require additional research and take longer to fulfill if access has not previously been provisioned to someone in the user’s role and/or for the intended purpose.

    Once access is provisioned, credentials for the requested access are provided to departmental leadership.

UW Health Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) FAQs

Contact Information

For questions about compliance certification, please contact SMPH Central HR Operations –

For other questions, please contact the SMPH HIPAA Privacy Coordinator –

If you are not able to log in to UW Health systems, contact the UW Health Help Desk at (608) 265-7777 to have a staff member reset your password. The help desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.