HRMed (Draft)

HRMed is a web application that merges institutional data from both UW-Madison and UW Health with unavoidable manual tracking and custom reporting to create a customized information portal that meets the unique needs of SMPH. HRMed provides a tool that allows HR professionals and administrative personnel to see important information for SMPH employees consolidated into one place, rather than piecing together data from multiple systems and spreadsheets.

HRMed allows users to view information about SMPH appointments on a group or individual basis, drill down into complicated job history information, and generate reports.

What’s next?

HRMed is an evolving tool, continuously being developed and adapted to the changing needs of its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get access to HRMed?

Send an email to SMPH Central HR Operations. Additional information may be required to determine appropriate access.

How do I learn how to use HRMed?

Additional training resources will be added to this page soon and on an ongoing basis afterwards.

How do I make suggestions for new HRMed features?

What if I experience a problem with HRMed or have a question?

HRMed Team

Executive Sponsors

Hope Broadus

Position title: Associate Dean for Human Resources

Ken Mount

Position title: Senior Associate Dean for Finance

Prioritization Team - Team Lead

Kristen Seguin

Position title: Director of Talent Management (Human Resources)

Prioritization Team - Core Team

Sue Carlson

Position title: Director of Operations (Biostatistics and Medical Informatics)

Sharon Gehl

Position title: Associate Administrator (Medicine)

Nick Harding

Position title: HR Business Partner (Human Resources)

Kim Pinch

Position title: Associate Director – Finance, Research Administration, and Coding (Radiology)

Fern Reilly

Position title: HR Business Partner (Human Resources)

Jim Thompson

Position title: Internal Consultant (UW Office of Strategic Consulting)

Prioritization Team - Subject Matter Experts

Eric Hinkel

Position title: Payroll & Benefits Specialist (Human Resources)

Anne Mekschun

Position title: Employment Relations Manager (Human Resources)

Shana Peterson

Position title: Faculty Promotions Coordinator (Human Resources)

Technical Team - Team Lead

Jim Helwig

Position title: Manager, Application Development (Central IT)

Technical Team - Core Team

Adam De Fouw

Position title: Sr Information Processing Consultant (Medicine)

Jacob Duffy

Position title: Sr Systems Programmer (Family Medicine and Community Health)

Mike Hall

Position title: Information Processing Consultant (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences)

Sean McMullin

Position title: Sr Information Processing Consultant (Surgery)

Technical Team - Subject Matter Experts

Patrick Hanson

Position title: HR Business Partner (Human Resources)

Cory Reithmeyer

Position title: HR Business Partner (Human Resources)

April Schulz

Position title: Internal Consultant I (Family Medicine and Community Health)

Colin Shekem

Position title: Central HR Operations Coordinator (Human Resources)