Strategic Plan

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Office for Faculty Affairs and Development (OFAD), we are actively developing our strategic plan to incorporate a central source for faculty affairs and development, connecting faculty and staff with the resources and information they need to survive and thrive. Click here to read the full report.

  • To guide our efforts, we have a mission and conceptual model which highlights our domains of professional development.
  • Our initial steps involved reaching out and connecting with people and programs to gain a greater understanding of what is needed, wanted and already exists. Our data gathering activities with focus groups identified some overarching themes.

Our three-year plan solidifies our priorities and goals. Our mission is to ensure that SMPH faculty have the resources and skills they require to lead successful and fulfilling professional lives.

We accomplish this by creating and implementing faculty development programing and online resources and making them available to all SMPH faculty members on all campuses. In addition, we support the development of SMPH human resources processes and policies related to faculty.

Priority #1:      Generate an SMPH culture of faculty mentoring, sponsorship, and coaching.

Priority #2:      Developing our educators–ensure that SMPH educators are equipped to excel at innovative teaching methodologies that engage our school’s community.
Priority #3:      Facilitate the growth of faculty in the areas of leadership competence and confidence by accessing internal and external resources.
Priority #4:      Sustaining and enhancing faculty development programs and activities that build community within SMPH.

Priority #5:      Continue to expand OFAD reach and resources for faculty success and the acknowledgment of faculty achievements.