Strategic Plan

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Office for Faculty Affairs and Development (OFAD), we are actively developing our strategic plan to incorporate a central source for faculty affairs and development, connecting faculty and staff with the resources and information they need to survive and thrive. Click here to read the full report.

  • To guide our efforts, we have a mission and conceptual model which highlights our domains of professional development.
  • Our initial steps involved reaching out and connecting with people and programs to gain a greater understanding of what is needed, wanted and already exists. Our data gathering activities with focus groups identified some overarching themes.

Our five-year plan solidifies our priorities and goals. Our priorities are:

Year 1

Priority #1:      Develop an integrated new faculty orientation that encourages community building for early career faculty.

Priority #2:      Ensure that Pathways to Promotion has the capacity to meet the needs of all faculty and is specific to the faculty tracks.

Priority #3:      Ensure that all faculty have resources available for all major focus areas of faculty development.

Priority #4:      Establish an educational resources repository for OFAD, the Clinical Teaching Learning Community and onboarding portal.

Years 2 through 5

Priority #5:      Cultivate a comprehensive evidence-based approach to all facets of mentoring in leadership, departments, research, education and promotion.

Priority #6:      Launch initiatives to encourage and enable teaching as scholarship for physicians and academic clinicians.

Priority #7:      Launch initiatives to encourage clinical activities as scholarship for physicians and academic clinicians.

Priority #8:      Establish a curriculum for Pathways to Promotion for mid-career faculty.

Priority #9:      Establish a Beyond Promotion curriculum for senior career faculty.

Priority #10:    Facilitate the strengthening of faculty professional leadership confidence, caring, competency and character.