Principles of Teaching

Principles of Teaching/Learning Styles and Teaching Strategies

Geoff Norman, PhD: A Cognitive Perspective of How People Learn: Implications for Teaching
Explores the research in cognitive psychology addressing issues of learning, remembering, transfer and problem-solving and how it can change the way we teach medical students.

Jeremy Smith, MD: Teaching Masters Program Promotion of Understanding and Retention
This is presentation 4 of 7 in educational aspects of clinical teaching series. Focuses on teaching methods that help learners understand and retain important content. Includes definition of terms, issues to consider before and during teaching (e.g. learner readiness and selecting materials) and provides teaching behaviors to enhance understanding and retention.

Article: Adult Learning Theories: Implications for learning and teaching in medical education
Article explains and explores the commonly used theories of adult learning and how they can enhance student and faculty learning. The theories are combined into a multi-theory flow diagram model that identifies roles of learners and teachers at each phase.

Article: 12 Tips for facilitating Millennials’ learning [need Box to access and requires net ID login]
Tips provide detailed approaches and specific strategies for understanding and engaging Millennial Learners and enhancing their learning. Can help faculty facilitate learning and optimize interactions with Millennial Learners.

Characteristics of Effective Clinical Teachers (pdf)
This study looks at what residents and faculty consider to be the most effective characteristics of clinical preceptors.

Teaching Physical Exam Skills
This video shows effective ways to teach physical exam skills to students.