Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to questions about space management at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the FAQ list below.

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Who can request space?

Chairs and directors are responsible for stewardship of space assigned and should approve any space requests before submission. Chairs and directors may designate persons to submit applications on their behalf.

How do we request space?

A facilities request is any application for allocation or modification of space, including:

  • New space – Unit requests more space than currently allocated
  • Refresh – Unit requests new flooring and/or paint within currently assigned space
  • Change of use – Remodeling that changes the primary use of any space (e.g., lab into office, office into storage)
  • Renovation or alteration – Remodeling project requiring trade coordination in any space

You can request space by using the online form

How is space assigned?

A. Requests for space allocation are subject to review by the Dean or the Dean’s designee, at regular increments and as required by the Dean. Criteria used in the review process will include an evaluation of the unit’s space utilization metrics, as approved by the Dean or the Dean’s designee, and disseminated to the chair or director.

B. A review of space utilization and related efficiency metrics will be conducted.

C. During the review, the Dean or the Dean’s designee will review data with the chair or director to identify concerns, and develop strategies and timelines for addressing the concerns.

D. Please see the policy (pdf) for more detailed expectations.

How can I update or download my department or center's space information?

SMPH facilities will maintain a space inventory database and work with departments and centers to review and update the space data. SMPH facilities intends to maintain this data in a web-based structure that will allow interaction with units. The final database is under construction.

How is instructional space allocated?

Use of instructional space is managed by SMPH classroom and AV services. All instructional space needs take precedence over other reservation requests.

Why has a space committee been formed?

The SMPH Space Advisory Committee serves an informational and advisory role to the Dean’s Leadership Team (DLT) in respect to implementing space policy at the SMPH. The committee, with reference to developing standards considering peer institutions, is responsible for:

  • Creating and implementing a space allocation plan with approval from the Dean’s Leadership Team
  • Working with departments, centers, institutes and programs to adapt specific allocation plans
  • Reviewing space allocation plans annually
  • Reviewing and recommending action on selected space proposal requests passed to the committee by the SMPH facilities group

What is the SMPH space policy?

SMPH Space Allocation and Usage Policy number 50.20 (pdf) was approved by the Dean’s Leadership Team and made effective January 1, 2017. As a leading academic medical center, SMPH must support its mission through the efficient utilization of space.

Who is responsible for space allocation in SMPH?

The SMPH dean is responsible for space allocation. At the dean’s discretion, space may be allocated to chairs or directors for space assignment at the unit level.

Who should I contact concerning SMPH space questions?

Contact Craig Kramer, director of space management, at

Who represents the SMPH Space Committee?

Represented on the Committee are members of the SMPH’s Dean’s office, clinical and basic science departments and UW Health. Committee members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Dean.

Why has my space request been denied?