Space Management

Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research at nightThe mission of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) is that together, we are advancing health and health equity through remarkable service to patients and communities, outstanding education, and innovative research.

As a leading academic medical center, SMPH supports this mission by providing flexible, adaptable and affordable facilities to accommodate the changing science and medicine goals of departments, multidisciplinary centers, institutes and programs.

Efficient and effective allocation of space will help shape the future of biomedical and public health research, academics and the practice of medicine.

Cubicle and office name plates

SMPH employees can download templates to print name plates for offices or cubicles.

Space Requests

Please fill out the facilities request form for the following types of requests:

  • New space: Department, center, institute or program requests more space than currently allocated
  • Refresh: Department, center, institute or program requests new flooring and/or paint within currently assigned space
  • Change of use: Remodeling that changes the primary use of any space (e.g., lab into office, office into storage)
  • Renovation: Remodeling project requiring trade coordination in any space

For guidance on how to fill out the space request form, view the user guide for facilities requests (doc).

Space allocation and usage policy and FAQs

For more information about space allocation and management, please consult the following documents:


If you have any questions, contact Craig Kramer at (608) 265-8111 or