Diversity and Inclusion Advocates

This innovative program provides training in diversity and inclusion awareness and advocacy to SMPH faculty and staff who were selected as trusted members of their departments and divisions. Each are assigned an SMPH department or portfolio of departments. DIAs are a resource to help broaden applicant pools and ensure equitable evaluation and selection criteria during the faculty search process. They also serve as a confidential resource and advocate for individuals and groups to strengthen the learning and working climate for all.

Primary Goals:

  1. To attain a basic understanding of diversity and inclusion resources in order to serve as a clearinghouse for these resources when questions and issues arise amongst individuals in one’s assigned departmental sphere
  2. To be able to provide consultation and leadership to promote practices that will enhance diversity in the recruitment of faculty (CT, CHS, and tenure track) hires in one’s assigned departmental sphere.

Secondary goals:

  1. To provide leadership to promote practices that will enhance diversity in the recruitment of residents and staff in one’s assigned departmental sphere
  2. To facilitate dialogue around diversity and inclusion issues that arise in DIAs’ departmental sphere and, if unsuccessful, to then refer on to appropriate campus resource
  3. To provide opportunities for dialogue and/or teaching to promote greater inclusivity and positively influence the cultural climate within assigned departmental spheres

For questions  contact

Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH
Director of the SMPH Diversity and Inclusion Advocate Program

Beverly Hutcherson
Outreach and Communications Manager,
Diversity and Inclusion

Clinical Departments DIA Contact Information
Anesthesiology Jagan Ramamoorthy jramamoorthy@wisc.edu
Dermatology Carey Gleason ceg@medicine.wisc.edu
Emergency Medicine Saby Cordoba scordoba@medicine.wisc.edu
Family Medicine and Community Health Jennifer Edgoose
Bethany Howlett
Jennifer: Jennifer.edgoose@fammed.wisc.edu
Bethany: bethany.howlett@uwmf.wisc.edu
Human Oncology Carey Gleason ceg@medicine.wisc.edu
Medicine Donita Croft
Noelle LoConte
Donita: Dc2@medicine.wisc.edu
Noelle: ns3@medicine.wisc.edu
Neurological Surgery Beverly Hutcherson bahutcherson@wisc.edu
Neurology Beverly Hutcherson bahutcherson@wisc.edu
Obstetrics & Gynecology Jennifer Edgoose(formerly Parvathy Pillai) Jennifer.edgoose@fammed.wisc.edu
Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Kristina Weaver kmweaver@wisc.edu
Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Kristina Weaver kmweaver@wisc.edu
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Pediatrics Saby Cordoba scordoba@medicine.wisc.edu
Radiology Carolyn Haerr chaerr@uwhealth.org
Surgery Scott Chaiet chaiet@surgery.wisc.edu
Basic and Applied Sciences
Biomolecular Chemistry Gina Green-Harris greenharris@wisc.edu
Biostatistics & Med Informatics Gina Green-Harris greenharris@wisc.edu
Carbone Cancer Center Gina Green-Harris
Noelle LoConte
Gina: greenharris@wisc.edu
Noelle: ns3@medicine.wisc.edu
Cardiovascular Research Center greenharris@wisc.edu
Cell and Regen Biology Fabu Carter fpcarter@medicine.wisc.edu
Med Genetics Fabu Carter fpcarter@medicine.wisc.edu
Med Microbiology & Immunology Fabu Carter fpcarter@medicine.wisc.edu
Medical History & Bioethics Fabu Carter fpcarter@medicine.wisc.edu
Med Physics Kristina Weaver  kmweaver@wisc.edu
Pop Health Sciences Parvathy Pillai ppillai@wisc.edu
Administrative Units Chris Stillwell
Beverly Hutcherson
Chris: chris.stillwell@wisc.edu
Beverly: bahutcherson@wisc.edu