Cypress Access Requests (development page – do not use)

Cypress Access Request - New User

Use this form to request Cypress access for someone who does not currently have Cypress access.

Requester Information

Provide information about the person submitting the request.
Enter your name.
Enter your business/campus email address.

User Information

Provide information about the person receiving Cypress access.
Enter the user's first name.
Enter the user's last name.
Enter the user's business/campus email address.
Enter the Login ID to use for Cypress. For new users, this should usually be their UW campus ID (NetID, ePanther, Email ID, etc.)
Enter the user's 8-digit UW employee ID # (include leading zeroes)
Business Unit(Required)
Select the user's employing business unit.

Access Information

Provide information about the Cypress access that the user needs.
List the inboxes (folders within Cypress) that the user needs to access.

Inboxes are usually UDDSs, such as:
• "A" (unit/campus)
• "A01" (division)
• "A0123" (department)
• "A012345" (subdepartment)

Users will only be given access to UDDS inboxes within their employing divisions, with the exception of System employees, campus leadership, and those in shared services units that support multiple units/divisions.

Some users in specific roles may need access to special non-UDDS inboxes.
Tax Information
Optional. Select if user will need access to benefits statements or tax document reprints. This access is only given to employees of benefits and payroll offices at the campus and System levels.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.