Bias, Hate and Student Mistreatment Reporting Tools

Bias and hate reporting process

The University of Wisconsin-Madison values a diverse community where all members are able to participate fully in the Wisconsin Experience. Incidents of bias or hate affecting a person or group create a hostile campus climate and negatively impact the quality of the Wisconsin Experience for community members. UW-Madison takes such incidents seriously and will investigate and respond appropriately to reported or observed incidents of bias or hate.

Report an incident of bias or hate

Mistreatment of students

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is committed to providing a learning environment that facilitates students’ acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and professional and collegial attitudes necessary for effective, caring and compassionate health care. Harassment or mistreatment of any kind is detrimental to such an environment and the school will not tolerate any incidents of mistreatment or harassment of students.

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