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Accreditation Cycles

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Facility resources

Parking validation

Parking for guests who park in Lot 75 (University Hospital) can be validated by one of two methods:

  • Units can purchase validation tickets from UW Transportation Services using a TS#.  Units only get charged when the tickets are used.
  • Validation can be handled online using the parking ticket number of the guest. Staff need a password in order to validate parking using this site.

Room, atrium and equipment reservations

The EMS online scheduling system can be used to reserve classrooms and conference rooms in the Health Sciences Learning Center, Clinical Science Center, Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research and UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building. Audio/visual equipment, moveable furniture and accessories can also be checked out using this system. Available equipment includes tables, chairs, announcement signs, poster/display boards, easels, microphones and whiteboards.

For educational spaces, such as the second-floor cluster and small group rooms or first-floor  Clinical Teaching and Assessment Center exam rooms, contact Becki Munson-Salzwedel in the Medical Education Office at

To reserve the HSLC atrium, fill out the online form.

For assistance with room and equipment reservations, contact Classroom and A/V Services at 608-261-1934 or

Equipment/physical plant

If you’re holding a large event and would like to have tables and chairs set up in the atrium, you may rent them and arrange for UW Madison Physical Plant staff move existing HSLC furniture out of the atrium and set up the tables and chairs in your desired configuration. To get started, complete a service request from the Physical Plant website.

Cost center numbers

Cost center numbers are alpha-numeric account numbers associated with your funding string to allow other campus departments to bill for internal services. Examples of cost center numbers are:

  • Transportation Services: “TS” number
  • Physical Plant: “B” number
  • Fleet Services: “T” number

Most services provided by UW-Madison Physical Plant or Transportation Services will require a cost center number. To find out if your unit already has one, or to set one up, contact Academic Affairs accountant Joeann Evans at

SWAP (Surplus with a Purpose)

UW-purchased items no longer in use must be donated to SWAP. Employees are not allowed to take items home that were purchased using UW funds.

SWAP will pick up items. If you have items you’d like them to take, review the service request policies and procedures to learn more

Items can be purchased from SWAP. UW departments can view the online auction or visit the SWAP Shop at 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail in Verona.


Budgeting overview

Month-end financial status reports are distributed to unit deans and directors. Upcoming fiscal year budgets are reviewed annually with unit deans and directors around January. To access current financial data:

  • ADW: school/MAMA funds
  • WISDOM: campus financial database
  • Interactive Reporting Query Library: 131 Capstone Revenue
  • UW Foundation

Please contact Joeann Evans, Academic Affairs accountant, at 608-263-2552 or to set up one-on-one training or for any questions about your unit’s finances throughout the year.

Purchasing overview

General travel polices are published online by UW Business Services.

Before you travel:

  • Registration payment using a Purchasing Card.
  • Lodging limits 
  • Lodging booking: use either convention website or Concur
  • Driver Authorization: Fill out the appropriate authorization request form at least 2 weeks before travel begins. Driver Authorization by first day of travel allows driver-related reimbursement such as parking, tolls, and mileage.
  • Vehicle rental and gas policies
  • Flight booking 

After you travel:

Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 90 days after your trip.

Non-travel purchasing

Events require additional documentation beyond the receipt. These forms can be found here.

  • Events-meal payment form
    • A list of event participants form is required when the expense is for a meal. The form can be accessed by clicking on the link on the events-meal payment form.
  • Events-refreshment payment form: required for receptions

The university is tax exempt for many purchases in many states.

Learn more about the tax exempt policy at the University here. The tax exempt form can be downloaded and should be shared with vendors BEFORE you make purchases:

  • When reserving lodging within the State of Wisconsin and when checking into hotels within the state of Wisconsin.
  • For tax exempt online purchasing, you may use the tax exempt form to create a tax-free internet account (such as for by emailing the certificate to the vendor or uploading it to the vendor website when creating your account.

Travel Purchasing

All UW-employees who travel on behalf of the university are required to have a Concur Travel Profile prior to making travel arrangements directly in Concur or via a consultant (agent) from the contracted travel agency. You may register for and maintain a UW-Madison Concur Travel Profile here. This status will also allow you to book flights for others.

Purchasing with a university credit card.

This page details how to apply for a purchasing card, proper card usage, and card account management.

Employee tuition reimbursement

Use the new form available at the Office of Human Resources website.


ShopUW+ is UW System’s cloud-based purchasing and payables platform. The system will provide benefits for everyone who work in the UW System. ShopUW allows employees to place and track orders. Learn more here.

External requisitions more than $5,000

External requisitions of more than $5,000 can be done without competitive bids with a waiver. The waiver is available through UW Business Services.


  • Joeann Evans, Academic Affairs Accountant,at


For assistance with preparation of budgets, nonscientific content and submission of grants please contact the following:

Grant-writing tips

Human resources


Quality improvement

What is QI?

Quality improvement (QI) is a systematic, formal approach to the analysis of practice performance and efforts to improve performance.

At SMPH, we hope to cultivate a culture of quality improvement.

QI Resources in Academic Affairs

As the Quality Improvement Manager in Academic Affairs, Caroline Swenson is a resource and liaison for all health professional programs within SMPH. She helps units to establish programmatic goals, improve program quality, and meet targeted outcomes. She will assist with training on quality improvement tools and methodologies and the tracking of metrics specific to each initiative.