Acuity Insights Implementation


Eureka! Enhance Understanding and Reach Excellence with Key Analytics

SMPH Academic Affairs will implement the Acuity Insights Program Management and Analytics modules, with go lives beginning in the summer of 2023. These products are the centerpiece of a technology strategy to improve student and faculty experience and to Enhance Understanding & Reach Excellence with Key Analytics—EUREKA!

When and why is this happening?

Planning for this project began formally in Fall 2021. Our OASIS contract had ended earlier, but we continued on a year-to-year basis over the pandemic due to workload concerns. Driving factors included desire for better interface for students and faculty, and need for more reliable data for analytics.

How will this affect my unit?

Our first priority is replacing functionality for the MD program that is in OASIS and can be replaced with Acuity. OASIS will continue to operate alongside Acuity for at least a couple of years. It is expected that all programs will use Acuity for clinical training management and assessment in the future.

Who is working on the project?

The core team who managed the vendor assessment and selection process included Project Manager Jim Thompson from OSC, Jeff Korab and Elizabeth Simcock from SMPH IT, and Elizabeth Tuschen and Sherryl Pertzborn from Academic Affairs. In implementation this team has expanded to include Kristin Simon from SMPH IT.


  • Streamlined tools for efficient and effective use
  • Robust analytics:
    -Just-in-time evidence-based feedback on ForWard curriculum
    -Dashboards and analytics around student performance and program evaluation
  • Efficient curriculum management and inventory system reducing coordinator, faculty and administration effort


In Scope

  • MD student longitudinal experience
  • optimize functionality for the three-phase curriculum
  • consider secondary uses (e.g. affiliation contracts)
  • Consider other populations, present and future
  • SIS/OASIS and AMP/OASIS interfaces

Out of Scope

  • Financial aid/scholarships
  • GME


  • Medical Students using OASIS
  • Students to use Acuity in the future
  • Course coordinator staff using OASIS, including regional campus staff
  • Executive Leadership (Petty, Mathew, Golden)
  • Educational Leadership team
  • Regional campus leadership
  • Data Domain Management Council
  • Financial Leaders


Work Completed to date

  • Built/reviewed PPP/BiB schedules & curriculum mapping
  • Imported PPP/BiB ELOs
  • Created consistent naming convention for courses/rooms
  • Obtained consensus on utilizing gradebook vs analytics functionality
  • Reviewed inventory sources for grading details, created visual workflow
  • Collected phase 2 sandbox deliverables
    Resolved importing barriers related to SIS requirements
  • Created work-around to identify/label students by level (e.g. M1, M2)
  • Identified alternative solution for announcements/notices
  • Identified process for adding course credits into Acuity
  • Determined students can be assigned to mentors for tracking purposes
  • Completed SSO integration
  • Created access roles based on responsibilities
  • Addressed VPN and firewall restrictions
  • Identified how to catalog courses by department
  • Resolved issue related to confidentiality marker for student accounts
  • Completed Form Builder training

Work in Progress

  • Discussions with Rutgers, that have add/drop functionality workarounds
  • Collecting Anayltics Solution deliverables
  • Completing data integrations between Analytics & various applications
  • ELO assessment, including evaluation process
  • Addressing eval question ID – tracking same question across multiple evals
  • Addressing issue related to tracking graduation requirements by student
  • Ensuring integration between schedules and lecture caption auto-recording
  • Creating administrative courses for non-curricular events
  • Building/reviewing I&D and M&M schedules & curriculum mapping
  • Creating accounts for Med Ed/Student Services users
  • Developing onboarding plans for faculty and staff
  • Continued building and testing of evaluations
  • Creating workflow for new user requests
  • Coordinators to review ALL details of schedules to ensure no errors in rooms/facilitators
  • Working with Student Services to manage enrollment across Oasis & Acuity
  • Exploring options for Graduation Tracking

Work Still to Come

  • Onboarding of faculty/staff
  • Discussions on clinical assessments
  • Create learner accounts / develop learner-facing onboarding materials
  • Create workflows for SPARC decisions that impact student attendance/enrollment
  • Research token or other authentication approach for state-wide locations
  • Establish best practices for adding new users and deleting old users
  • Continued work on Analytics set up
  • Create KBs for common processes
  • Create JIRA ticket(s) for requests
  • Build Phase 2 sandbox (acute care) for testing
  • Create user roles for Phase 2 + 3
  • Build Phase 2 & 3 courses, test lottery function
  • Add curriculum mapping for Phases 2 & 3
  • Set up Spring Phase 1 courses (schedules, mapping, evaluations)
  • Understand various reporting functions in program solution
  • Explore and determine if student service surveys & Sign ups can be built within Acuity
  • Explore and determine if absence course and checklist can be built within Acuity
  • P2 Lottery functionality & set-up


Academic Affairs has adopted a governance model to address questions that arise during Acuity implementation, as well to continue to guide development of our data environment, data products and analytics. The Data Domain Management Council has been created to assess and make decisions about questions about processes and data that impact multiple units, and make recommendations to the Educational Leadership Team for decisions with strategic impact. The charge for the DDMC can be found here.

Academic Affairs Data Domain Management Council Governance Model


Please email any questions or comments regarding the Acuity project to Sherryl Pertzborn or Elizabeth Tuschen.