AAMC GQ Survey

Hi, soon-to-be MDs! Bucky here. I wanna tell you about the importance of filling out your GQ survey from the AAMC (that’s the American Association of Medical Colleges — sounds important!).

Dr. McIntosh, your dean for students, told me that when students do this survey, it really helps our School of Medicine and Public Health by helping improve the program for future students. And us Badgers, we love giving back and helping out! 

The survey asks about the school’s curriculum, services, programs, and facilities. If you have not yet completed the AAMC GQ survey, please (pretty please with a Babcock ice cream cherry on top) do so now. You received a survey link unique to you in an email from the AAMC on March 1. 

Reach 90% completion and receive a gift

Check the completion rate

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Reach 90% completion and get a gift from me (Bucky!)

This could be yours!

I’m excited to tell to you that Dr. McIntosh me told that your entire class will receive an awesome SMPH branded hard cover journal on graduation day, if you reach 90% completion by May 6. 

The journal is a great place to write down your memories and experiences as you transition to the next chapter in your medical career.

REMINDER: You will have protected time to complete this survey. M4s will be released from clinical/course rotations for a half day at noon on Friday 4/15/22. Please remind your attendings. (And, yes, I know what an attending is because I watched “Grey’s Anatomy!”)

Our students' input on our curriculum, our services, our programs, and our facilities as graduates of our MD program is crucial to improving each of these areas.

Dr. McIntosh telling Bucky over brats at the Terrace how she hopes all of you will fill out the GQ

The scoreboard (percent completion)

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