UW Health: Masking Guideline Update to Non-Clinical Areas, Effective March 12

The following message was sent to UW Health faculty and staff on Friday, March 4. It is posted on UW Health’s intranet U-Connect. You can view the original here. This message only pertains to UW Health employees (UW Health staff and dually employed faculty physicians). 

“As COVID-19 case volumes continue to fall, guidance related to mask wearing at UW Health will be revised soon. Beginning Saturday, March 12, faculty and staff will only be required to wear masks in areas where patients and their families are likely to be present.

These areas include:

  • Places where patient care or regular patient interactions occur, such as clinics, inpatient units or registration
  • Places with regular traffic from patients and visitors, such as main entrance ways, cafeterias and elevators

Administrative buildings such as the Administrative Services Building (ASB) or Administrative Office Building (AOB) will no longer require mask wearing. If staff are uncertain whether an area meets the criteria for this change, they should continue to mask in those areas.

While masks are no longer required in certain locations, they are still highly encouraged as COVID-19 continues to spread in our community. Faculty and staff are expected to utilize good judgement, particularly in the following scenarios:

  • Faculty and staff who received a waiver from our mandatory vaccination policy are expected to continue wearing a mask in all indoor locations
  • Faculty and staff who have had a recent known exposure to COVID-19 are recommended to continue wearing a mask in all indoor locations

While we welcome the ability to make limited changes to our safety guidelines as COVID-19 case volumes drop, there are no changes for the following at this time:

  • Visitor guidelines remain unchanged, including the requirement that all visitors must wear a mask
  • Physical distancing guidelines are still observed
  • All faculty and staff are required to get their COVID-19 booster as part of UW Health’s vaccination mandate

Thank you for your continued commitment to our patients, families, and each other.”