UW Health: New Dedicated Staff Entry at University Hospital Opens April 15

The below has been reposted from UW Health’s intranet U-Connect. You can view the original here. 

Supply chain challenges have continued to delay progress of the work and are impacting the project schedule and scheduled opening of the new dedicated staff entry at the front of University Hospital.

The revised date for opening of the new dedicated staff entry is April 15, 2022.

The clinics entry at University Hospital remains closed. Use of the hospital entry remains prioritized for patients and visitors, staff on evening/third shift, and those with limited mobility. We also ask that the main drive is reserved for patients and visitors and those with limited mobility. Staff and physicians entering University Hospital/CSC are requested to continue using the alternative points of entry until we open the new dedicated staff entry.

For questions, please contact Mike McKay, Director, Planning Design and Construction, email: mmckay@uwhealth.org or phone: (608) 422-8396.