UW Health: Construction Update on University Hospital Clinics Entrance and Main Drive Renovation Project

The below has been reposted from UW Health’s intranet U-Connect. You can view the original here. 

Due to delays in getting construction materials, the estimated completion dates for the multi-phase construction project to renovate University Hospital’s clinics entrance and main drive renovation have been extended.

We recognize the inconvenience of having to use alternative entrances during the construction project. With congestion at the Hospital Entrance, safety incidents and/or near misses of patients being run into and/or knocked down have been reported. For everyone’s safety, it is important for employees to use any of the designated alternative entrances and to adjust their travel time accordingly. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve access to UW Health’s compassionate, personalized patient-centered care.

Updated Timeline


  • Clinics entrance closed
  • On weekdays, hospital entrance operational for:
    • Patients and primary supports/visitors
    • First and second shift employees who have approved accommodation and show their “fast pass” badge backer at the entrance. (See FAQs for details)
    • Third shift employees, starting at 7pm (1900) until 6am (0600)
  • First and second shift employees must use alternative entrances on weekdays
  • Food and flower deliveriesare directed to alternative entrances
  • Main drive reserved for patients, visitors, and those with limited mobility

MARCH 2022

  • New dedicated entry for all staff opens.
  • Hospital entrance continues to be operational for patients and primary supports/visitors.
    • Staff who have a “fast pass” to use the hospital entrance during construction are encouraged to enter via the new dedicated staff clinic entry point to ensure safety and lessen congestion at the hospital entrance
  • Main drive and construction complete
    • Expanded traffic flow on the main drive to three lanes under the canopy to ease congestion and reduce wait times.
    • A safer, more comfortable environment for our staff who assist patients with parking.

MAY 2022

  • New clinics entrance opens (soft launch)
  • A climate-controlled vestibule entry (replacing the revolving entry door) for patients and primary supports/visitors
  • Construction continues at the H module, 2nd floor


For questions about the construction project, please contact:

  • Brad Wissmueller, Project Manager, Planning, Design and Construction, (608) 220-4853
  • Alan Vick, Senior Project Manager, Planning, Design and Construction, (608) 225-1698
  • Mary Heise, Project Coordinator, Planning, Design and Construction, (608) 890-8825