How our community said ‘thank you’ in 2021

Throughout 2021, members of the SMPH community submitted more than 70 Shout-outs — nearly 7,000 words of gratitude — to recognize the incredible work and dedication of their peers.

The image below is a word cloud created using the text of Shout-outs submitted during the last year. Larger words were used more often.

The largest phrase is “thank you.” You can also see the groups that make up the SMPH community represented as well — from students, staff, and faculty to leadership, administrators, the public, and even alumni.

Members of the school have “tirelessly” gone above and “beyond” as a “team” to advance the school’s missions of education, research, and service. You said it best — thank you.

To submit a Shout-out in honor of someone you are thankful for in SMPH, use this form and we will include it in an upcoming issue of In the Know.