Remote work agreement information and instructions

The UW–Madison Office of Human Resources provided the following information and resources on how to fill out a remote work agreement.

The UW–Madison Remote Work Policy provides a framework for remote work, which is defined as a work arrangement in which some or all work is performed at an off-campus work site such as home or in an office space near home. Workplace flexibilities—defined as work performed at an off-campus work site on a sporadic basis that does not follow a regular, repeated schedule—are not considered remote work and are not covered under this policy.

Because remote work has risks and liabilities, this policy also includes procedures and practices to mitigate these concerns. For example, maintaining the privacy and security of UW–Madison’s data can become more challenging when employees are working remotely.

We encourage employees and supervisors—especially those who are considering remote work arrangements—to become familiar with the provisions of the Remote Work Policy and the accompanying resources that have been developed to support remote work. You will find a direct link to the policy, an overview of the policy, FAQs, and a number of helpful tools and resources related to remote work at

Approval and documentation of remote work arrangements

An employee approved to work remotely must enter into a Remote Work Agreement. The Remote Work Agreement documents the terms and conditions of an employee’s remote work arrangement. It will include information about the employee’s work schedule (including when they are expected to be present for onsite activities), necessary equipment and services, guidelines for maintaining communication and work engagement, onsite and remote locations, and other details as appropriate.

How to request a remote work arrangement

If you wish to request a remote work arrangement, you may initiate a Remote Work Agreement. You will find the Remote Work Agreement in MyUW at, under Personal Information > Update My Personal Information. Complete step-by-step instructions on how to complete and submit the agreement are in the PDF document, Employee Access to Remote Work Agreement.

Please note that while some of the information you will be asked to provide in the Remote Work Agreement will be readily available to you, other requested information may take extra time to gather. For this reason, we suggest that you review the Employee Checklist for Completing a Remote Work Agreement before initiating a Remote Work Agreement in MyUW. This checklist provides information, guidance, and potential action steps to help you prepare for successful completion of your Remote Work Agreement.

If you have not already discussed a remote work arrangement with your supervisor, we strongly recommend that you have this conversation before initiating a Remote Work Agreement.

Additional resources to help you navigate change

We also encourage you to visit the Reuniting Campus website at campus. Here, you will find thematic courses, toolkits, and other resources that can help you develop new skills and navigate workplace changes. You can choose the options that best fit your schedule and learning preferences, including virtual courses, on-demand learning videos, self-guided activities, assessments, and more. Professional development opportunities are available for employees and managers. All courses are offered at no cost to UW–Madison employees.

Where to find information or assistance

Links to all of the references and resources related to remote work, including the resources mentioned above, can be found in one place at