Information from SMPH HR on second round of furloughs

In late October, UW–Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank announced a second round of furloughs for campus employees. This round of furloughs will begin January 1, 2021 and continue through June 30. With the beginning of the furlough period drawing near, this message is intended to provide additional information for SMPH employees. Please continue to refer to the campus Office of Human Resources furlough website for the most up-to-date information.

  • The vast majority of furlough details will be the same as the first round, which ran from May to October of 2020.
  • Employees should receive a second round furlough letter from SMPH HR by December 23. If you do not receive this letter by then, please contact your supervisor or your HR representative.
  • Like the first round, the furlough is modified for clinical faculty and other similar clinical employees. If you were not financially impacted by the furloughs in the first round due to your dual appointment with UW Health and SMPH, it is highly likely you will not be financially impacted in the second round. Conversely, if you were subject to the first round of furloughs, it is highly likely you will be this time as well, unless something has changed with your position. Contact your HR representative with questions on this.
  • One change from the first round is that limited appointees will have the option to take a pay reduction rather than furlough days.
  • Information on reporting furlough time can be found on this page under “How to Report Furlough Time.”

The OHR site of frequently asked questions can be a useful resource. Send questions specific to your role or work unit to General questions may be sent to