Giving Thanks, in your own words

Our SMPH family is more than 8,000 people strong: staff, learners, and faculty who are pursuing our shared vision of healthy people and healthy communities.

A word cloud of Shout-outs submitted by the SMPH community. Thank you, Team, and Help are the biggest words.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have submitted SMPH Shout-outs of thanks and appreciation for their colleagues — 170 Shout-outs to be exact, containing more than 15,000 words. These submitted words tell stories about each other, but also a story about our community as a whole.

This image is a word cloud created using the text of Shout-outs submitted during these last several months. Larger words were used more often. It is no surprise what has risen to the top.

This is our message of thanksgiving to each other, in our own words.

Dean Robert N. Golden, MD, adds his personal message of gratitude:

“I am extremely thankful to be a member of the remarkable SMPH community of faculty, learners, and staff. Every day, I am inspired by the dedication, compassion, and enthusiasm of our SMPH ‘family.’ Together, we are advancing our missions and making profound differences in the lives of the people and populations we serve. Thank you!”

To submit a Shout-out in honor of someone you are thankful for in SMPH, use this form and we will include it in an upcoming issue of In the Know.