Announcing new and revised policies on social media, reference checks, and student mistreatment, supervision and safety

Posted on October 2, 2020:

Three new policies and two revised policies have been released in September and are available on the SMPH Intranet.

New policies:


Updated policies:

  • Policy 80.05 – Student Mistreatment Policy. This policy articulates UW SMPH’s zero-tolerance stance on the mistreatment of students, delineates reporting procedures, articulates the institutional response to reports of mistreatment, and ensures that mistreatment reporters experience no retaliation. It was slightly updated to better reflect the role of the Student Mistreatment Triage Committee.
  • Policy 80.15 – Student Supervision and Safety in the Clinical Setting. This policy describes requirements for supervision of Health Profession Students in all clinical areas to ensure quality education as well as patient and student safety. It was updated to more clearly define the roles that supervise students and the scope of clinical training sites, to clarify who is responsible for ensuring expectations are communicated and appropriate supervision is in place, and to ensure that students have access to appropriate safety equipment in accordance with campus safety guidelines.



Greg Zalesak, Administrator, Department of Neurological Surgery

Kurt J. Zimmerman, Director, Office of Industry Engagement and the Master of Science in Biotechnology Program

Co-chairs, SMPH Policy Development and Review Committee