HSLC Room Reservation COVID-19 Supplemental Guidelines

Updated on Sept. 28: Some in-person activities have resumed on campus after a two-week pause. All parameters of the supplemental guidance below remain in effect. 

Updated on Sept. 9, 2020: UW–Madison has canceled all in-person gatherings, including all social events and work gatherings of more than 10 people, through September 25. Employees may meet in groups of 10 or fewer for essential purposes. Whenever possible, work meetings should continue to be conducted remotely via phone or video streaming.

Originally posted on September 8, 2020:

HSLC room reservation guidelines have been updated with the implementation of COVID-19 related campus policies and aligned with UW-Madison’s Smart Restart Plan. These guidelines are subject to change based on updates from UW-Madison, as well as changes from national, state, and local public health agencies. We expect these guidelines to be in effect through the end of 2020. 


HSLC Reservable Space

    1. The HSLC will remain accessible to the SMPH community by Wiscard only until further notice.
    2. SMPH staff must follow the SMPH Smart Restart Plan “Return to On-site Work: Department Assessment Guide” for all non-educational reservations and on-site work.
      1. Note: UW–Madison guidance on Virtual Events – Section 4: “Whenever possible, it is recommended that online/virtual event formats are utilized to minimize traffic and density on and around campus.”
    3. Space utilization and access to the HSLC will be based on the mission of the school, prioritizing academic courses, clinical skills training for health professions students, and basic/health science students. Reservations are subject to change.
    4. Second and third floor rooms and student study rooms are restricted to academic purposes only.
    5. Access to laptops within 3330 will be unavailable until further notice. Computer access within 1306 will be for SMPH academic purposes only.
    6. No external or public events are permitted within the HSLC space until further notice.

Priority Order for Room Assignments 

    1. Timetable Courses
      1. Primary: SMPH Academic Affairs
      2. Secondary: SMPH Basic Science courses
      3. Tertiary: Other Health Sciences 
    2. Other education-related events for SMPH students* and SMPH Dean’s office events
      1. *Does not include residents and fellows, who are UW Health employees
    3. Health Sciences student sponsored events*
      1. *Per Section 3.3: RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) follow a separate policy and approval process from SMPH Student Services

Events NOT prioritized or allowed during COVID-19 restrictions:

**See below for instructions on requesting exceptions

    1. SMPH events and meetings
    2. UW Health events or meetings, including staff and resident or fellow trainings
    3. Blood drives within the Atrium or other HSLC spaces

Reservation Criteria

    1. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis, with influence from the prioritization listed above.
    2. Room assignments are subject to change by the Room Scheduling administrators or Classroom and AV Services to accommodate prioritization conflicts, as well as any changes to Public Health or University guidelines.
    3. Room reservation system users are responsible for canceling or editing any reservations they have submitted that need altering in order to maintain an accurate schedule.
      1. Cancel all reservations that no longer intend to occupy the reserved space.
      2. Edit existing reservations to reflect accurate times of occupancy, number of attendees, intended usage or event type, etc.
    4. Planning ahead: (See COVID-19 Policy for 2020-2021 Academic Year Events & Meetings)
      1. Reserve and allow time for proper inflow/outflow to maintain social distancing, as well as cleaning before/after event.
      2. Track attendance to ensure compliance with adjusted room occupancy maximums. 
      3. Track attendee information and maintain for 4 weeks (name, email, primary phone, and current address) – excludes “internal” SMPH departments & courses (Section 6.4.1).
      4. Communicate with all attendees the guidelines, requirements, and safety measures in place (See Resources list above).
    5. Within Spaces: (See Health & Safety section of SMPH Smart Restart Plan)
      1. Face masks are required within the building. 
      2. Maintain physical distancing with 6 feet of distance between attendees.
      3. Follow signage, and refrain from moving furniture as it has been arranged to limit contact.
      4. Follow all signage or additional directions on cleaning procedures for any space you occupy.

Exception for non-Academic and non-prioritized reservation requests

    1. ALL non-academic events are strongly encouraged to move to a digital format at this time. Few exceptions will be made for requests not included on the above prioritized list.
    2. Requests will be reviewed by a Dean’s Office appointed representative.
    3. Fill out the following format of information and submit to reservations@hslc.wisc.edu  
      • Room Requesting:
      • Event Name:
      • Event Date(s):
      • Department/Group:
      • Contact Person & Email:
      • Reservation Start Time:
        Reservation End Time:
      • Number of people attending:
      • Description of event:
      • Why is this event essential and unable to be held virtually?

Resources and Support

    1. Classroom and AV Services and Room Scheduling staff are either working remotely or have limited on-site presence focused only on necessary functions and maintenance. 
    2. There will be limited or off-site/remote support provided for all on-site reservations or events that are scheduled. Please plan ahead if you need training on any technology or room functionalities by contacting the CAVS Support Team at 261-1934 or classroom@hslc.wisc.edu.
      1. Equipment reservations should be made at least 7 days in advance to coordinate on-site assistance.
    3. Room Scheduling staff are working remotely and are responsible for managing the schedule and reservation of space. If you need your online room reservation account activated, training, or assistance in reserving a room please contact them at reservations@hslc.wisc.edu.

HSLC General Room Occupancy Maximums

Room Number Type of Room Event & Meeting Occupancy Academic Course Occupancy
1134 conf room 8 8
1188 conf room 10 10
1192 conf room 4 4
1202 conf room 8 8
1203 classroom 10 10
1220 classroom 10 10
1220/1222 classroom 10 (wall open) 20*
1222 classroom 10 10
1225 DE classroom 10 10
1229 DE classroom 10 10
1244 DE classroom 10 10
1248 DE classroom 10 10
1249 conf room 6 6
1267 conf room 6 6
1268 conf room 10 10
1269 conf room 6 6
1306 lecture hall 10 75*
1309 classroom 10 14*
1325 lecture hall 10 32*
1335 lecture hall 10 32*
1345 lecture hall 10 26*
2158 conf room 9 9
2209 conf room 6 6
3260 conf room 8 8
3330 conf room 10 10
HSLC Atrium atrium 6′ distance 6′ distance

*Approved for academic events only.