SMPH Smart Restart – Presentation for Supervisors & Managers Q&A

The below responses address questions asked during the August 25 and 28 presentations for supervisors and managers. The slides are also available, as well as a video recording of one of the sessions.

Where can I find the link to the on-site workplace training?

It is available from the campus Office of Human Resources.

How do you order the three reusable face mask for staff as mentioned in Inside UW?

SMPH faculty and staff returning to on-site work can request personal protective equipment via this online form. Check with your supervisor before submitting an order to coordinate coverage for your unit and avoid double orders. This is how employees can receive their three reusable masks provided to all UW–Madison employees when they return to campus. This form is only for SMPH faculty and staff located in CSC, HSLC, WIMR, MFCB, MSC, and WisPIC. All other locations can still use the EOC ordering form. The EOC form also has a larger selection if needed. Only order what you need for a four-week supply. All requests are reviewed before they are processed. PPE costs are covered by the university, not the requesting unit.

Is there any way for SMPH employees not in Madison to get the masks? I ask because I see the Google form saying pick up is on campus.

We are asking people in SMPH-managed buildings to order through our form, but for people who work in other locations we don’t manage, it is possible to order them individually directly through campus.  You will have to make sure that you have the right “ship to” address information.

Masks can be delivered to campus locations or anywhere that MDS delivers. They will not deliver to your home address.

What type of mask is provided?

The 3 cloth facemasks per person are called “Ad Madison 4-ply fabric face mask.” They are red and have a UW logo on them.

Does the SMPH Smart Restart process need to be followed for one-off onsite visits, or just regular/routine onsite work?

This process is not required for the one-off onsite visits to pick something up from the office, etc.

Do we need to go through this process if we already have approval to work onsite?

No. If personnel were approved for on-site work prior to the launch of this process on August 6, they are considered approved. Please communicate with your HR representative regarding who is approved to work on site. HR would like to be informed about all employees who are working onsite so we can provide the appropriate resources to the employees and continue to track onsite work.

Will DA’s also receive a copy of the monthly report?

Yes, DA’s will receive a copy of the monthly report.

What if you see someone in your work environment who is not wearing a mask? What if a supervisors do not feel comfortable addressing this with that person?

if you do not feel comfortable addressing the employee, please connect with your HR Manager to discuss the situation. Additionally, there is also a QR code on the Smart Restart posters that you can use to report concerns with employees not following the safety guidelines.

Report safety concerns or suggest ideas through this online form. The more detail the better. If you are able to identify the individual, that is the most effective. Campus also has an information sheet on Employee Guidance for Responding to Non-Compliance with the Campus Face Covering Requirement.

What should we do if an employee requests to return to onsite work — for example, if they cannot work from home as efficiently due to internet connectivity issues, children at home, onsite ergonomic setup, etc.?

If you have employee requests that are complex in nature, please partner with your HR Manager and they can work with you on possible solutions.

If staff work more effectively and efficiently onsite, is this justification enough to allow returning to the office?

It is our goal to decrease the density for onsite work so it is important to focus on duties that cannot be performed remotely. We would encourage you to partner with your HR Manager to discuss your specific needs.

We have had several staff members already return to work. Do we need to back-track and issue the official return to work letter? Several people on our teams were approved to return in early July right after Phase 2 application was approved.

(Note: The guidance for this question has changed since the presentation on August 25. The revised guidance was presented at the August 28 presentation.)

All employees who have been approved to work on-site, regardless for how long, should receive a letter that outlines expectations and resources from their supervisor. Please provide a copy to your HR Business Partner or reach out to them if you need assistance in issuing these letters. Here is a link to the letter template.

Can any employee go the Henry Mall testing site or just those approved to return to work?

Any employee (even working remotely) can go to the UW testing sites for free.

Can undergrads working in the lab continue to work in the lab if classes move to only virtual?

If the decision is made to transition all classes to virtual formats in the future, SMPH will follow guidance provided by campus leadership related to undergraduates at that time.

Where can we find the most recent message from campus regarding expected flexibility for faculty and staff this fall?

See this message from John Karl Scholz, Laurent Heller, and Steve Ackerman, issued August 27, 2020.

Does the SMPH Smart Restart process apply to physicians?

This process is not required for Clinical Faculty.

Do we wait for approval of the submitted justification? Or just assume we can move forward once it’s submitted?

You will not receive an additional approval once the justification is submitted. Please make sure your department leadership is supportive of your request prior to submitting.

Definition of “on-site”…if an employee normally does, say, data collection in the broader community as part of their position, but has halted that due to COVID-19, would the supervisor go through the “on-site” process to reinitiate the in-community work?

The supervisor would go through the SMPH Smart Restart process to return the employee to the face to face work

Are there guidelines regarding max occupancy for work areas (in MFCB) among cubicles or the entire floor?

Please see the guidance from Campus, specifically page 7.