Building updates for SMPH employees reporting to work

Dear SMPH faculty, staff, and students:

As foot traffic increases with the beginning of the academic semester, SMPH and UW Health have several updates to share with the school, particularly those who have returned to work in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR). However, there is an important update regarding where to purchase food and drink relevant to all employees who are reporting back to work. Remote employees need only note these updates.

  • All SMPH and UW Health employees must show their ID badge at the current patient/visitor screener table when entering through the main WIMR lobby, regardless of their purpose or destination. A policy on displaying Wiscards when present in SMPH-controlled facilities was established in 2016. The need to present an ID at the screener table is to ensure patients don’t inadvertently slip through without being screened. The WIMR entrance is the main patient entrance for medical imaging. It is our shared responsibility to keep everyone safe and respect our colleagues who are performing important patient screening duties.
  • Beginning Thursday, September 3, a new patient/visitor screener table will be established at the K elevators on the first floor of University Hospital (the entrance to University Hospital from WIMR). At this table, only UW Health employees will be permitted through with their ID badge. SMPH employees going beyond this point will be screened.
  • The Badger Market in the HSLC atrium lobby will be open starting Wednesday, September 2 for the food and drink needs of SMPH employees. Please adhere to posted signage about not eating or drinking in common areas. The University Hospital and American Family Children’s Hospital food venues and vending machines will remain open to only UW Health employees, as they have been since May 5.
  • Please minimize time spent in WIMR common spaces, particularly those near University Hospital.

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