July 27, 2020: SMPH Smart Restart update

Posted July 27, 2020 on behalf of Hope Broadus, JD, Associate Dean for Human Resources

Dear colleagues,

Additional information was released today from the university Office of Human Resources (OHR) regarding UW-Madison’s Smart Restart plan, including new resources for employees. Below is some additional context for members of the SMPH community. 

  • Please carefully review the campus message and related resources on the Smart Restart website.
  • A team in the SMPH Office of the Dean has been working on our school’s Smart Restart plan. Information about that plan and any changes to on-site work locations will be available no later than August 7. We are identifying how to implement the university’s phased re-open to necessary personnel in a thoughtful, deliberate, and, above all, safe way.
  • UW–Madison schools, colleges, and divisions have been asked to identify additional employees whose presence on site is necessary to support the return of students to campus. There is no expectation at this time of a broader employee return beyond what is necessary to support the return of students. Since many of our health professions learners in SMPH have already been engaging in clinical training in person this summer, we may not see some of the more substantial changes in on-site work locations for SMPH personnel in comparison to other campus units.
  • OHR will soon release an online training module that covers guidelines and expectations for UW–Madison employees returning to the workplace, which will include the most up-to-date health and safety information. Completion of the module will be required prior to working on site.
  • The SMPH HR team will be available to help answer questions about policies and guidelines released by OHR and the Employee Disability Resource Office surrounding workplace safety, accommodations, and the reporting of positive COVID-19 cases. This includes a COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy that provides employee expectations for working safely on campus.
  • Thank you, SMPH supervisors, for continuing to focus on team building, listening, coaching, and providing support for your team members throughout the pandemic. Both OHR and the SMPH Office of HR will be offering additional guidance and supportive information for supervisors as part of the Smart Restart plan. As always, SMPH HR Representatives are available for consultation about HR policy interpretation, as well as general employment issues, questions and concerns.
  • Questions may be directed to smphcovid19@med.wisc.edu.

Thank you for your patience and persistence. Be safe and be well.