SMPH follow-up to campus fall semester announcement

Message released on June 17, 2020 to SMPH employees:

Today, Chancellor Blank has issued a statement about campus plans for the fall semester. SMPH personnel should be aware of the following:

  • Today’s statement is largely aimed at undergraduate students, who comprise the largest group at UW–Madison (more than 31,000 students). While SMPH does not confer bachelor’s degrees, please familiarize yourself with today’s announcement if you are involved in the undergraduate experience through mentoring, lecturing, supervising student hourly employees, etc.
  • Non-return to on-campus instruction after Thanksgiving break does not apply to all professional and graduate students. As the Chancellor mentioned, more information will be coming soon for graduate, professional and international students. Details about schedules and instructional activities for SMPH MS, PhD, and health profession degree students in clinical training will continue to be provided by program directors and leaders to learners in their programs.
  • More information for employees is forthcoming. Today’s announcement provides general updates about campus-wide health protocols. It does not signal a significant shift or expansion of on-site workplace activities this summer. If you are currently working successfully from home, please continue to do so.

The announcement today marks the beginning of Smart Restart, an information campaign about how the UW–Madison community as a whole will begin to resume on-site operations, academic instruction, and student life. Today’s announcement is the first of multiple messages launching the Smart Restart initiative. The top priorities of the initiative are keeping the entire campus community healthy and continuing to provide a world-class educational experience.

“Restart,” in this sense, refers specifically to expanded in-person activities on campus. Many of the vital activities of our academic medical center have continued in virtual/remote mode throughout the pandemic. We recognize with respect and gratitude the tireless efforts of SMPH personnel over the past several months as we navigated new ways of working together in pursuit of our missions.



Robert N. Golden, MD

Robert Turell Professor in Medical Leadership

Dean, School of Medicine and Public Health

Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs

University of Wisconsin–Madison


Elizabeth Petty, MD

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Hope Broadus, JD

Associate Dean for Human Resources


James Keck, PhD

Associate Dean for Basic Research Training